¡Vamos a Cuba!









Right now I am about as far away from exotic as you can possibly imagine, sitting in bed watching The Handmaid’s Tale (oh my, somebody chat through this with me) and waiting for my Deliveroo to arrive – starting to do that thing where every bike you hear go by makes your heart race faster and then total disappointment when it isn’t your food – yeah that.

But only yesterday I was in Cuba, coming to the end of one of the best holidays of my life. For eight days I travelled round the island, going to Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Santa Clara and Havana.

We smoked cigars, drank rum, danced Salsa, stayed with Cuban families, went to nightclubs in underground caves, took photographs, got sunburned, got tanned, made friends with all the local dogs, and ate the most mango that is humanly possible to consume.

To be honest the pictures can do it more justice than I could ever do with words (yeah yeah I know, I’m paid to use my words and yet so often they fail me), so there will be plenty more photos coming your way soon.

But before then, all I want to say is, anyone who is considering visiting Cuba, do it. And do it soon. You can already see the changes that are coming, and you want to get there before they do.

Dress – Cecile De Copenhagen