Places To Eat In Berlin: Top 5


So I apologise for doing another mini disappearing act, and this time I promise, promise promise it was not my fault (well not directly).

This time round it wasn’t a case of me getting bored and deciding to go and get drunk instead of write a post, but the technical world of domains, servers and web hosts decided to stage a mini coup against me (thanks guys). But now we’re back, let’s get down to what we’re really all here for – the food.

At the beginning of February I was lucky enough to visit Berlin in an impromptu girl’s trip after some serious life mess ups (oops) and  I have so many places to share with you (mainly thanks to this one) so let’s start with our stomachs.





Distrikt Coffee, Bergstraße 68, 10115

Admittedly, we did have to walk for a million miles to get to Distrikt, but that is because I am a huge fan of walking and talking (and looking at historical monuments and forgetting that you haven’t eaten in six hours).  But oh boy it was worth the achey feet and possible chilblains (like literally my legs were red and painful).

We had brunch at Distrikt, because obviously we are the most basic of bitches. We had poached eggs with salmon and sourdough and coconut water in wonderful little tins for the first course.

Then, because of aforementioned sub-zero temperatures, we stayed for a second (and third course) and we had chocolate bread and butter pudding and layers of German apple cake and all the caffeine.

And in the end I literally tumbled out of the door on the way out because, how much coffee is too much coffee you know?




Bagels, Coffee and Culture, Mehringdamm 66, 10961 

Now I am never one for pacing for miles to get to a decent breakfast place, because you know what, I am tired and want some carbohydrates to get me going of a morning. So sue me.

So it was pretty damn fortunate that the AirBnB I was staying in happened to be just above the most amazing bagel and coffee place. Yes to salmon and poppy seeds and so many flat whites (basic, I know, we’ve been over this). And they also do a pretty bangin’ croissant if you are that way inclined.


Zola Pizza 

You know when you have those nights when you just want to bunker down in a cosy corner of a restaurant and drink all the red wine and eat lots of courses and not leave until you’ve had at least seven DMCs and shared some inappropriate stories that you swore you wouldn’t, but hey what happens in Berlin stays in Berlin, right? RIGHT?!

This was my (rather unhelpful) brief when talking to the wonderful Sophie Cliff, who had been to Berlin just the week before and she insisted we tried Zola Pizza. And when a girl recommends pizza, you do not question her.

I didn’t take my camera so ya’ll have to imagine what a walnut pear and gorgonzola sourdough pizza looks like. Then make it a hundred times better. All I can say is, thank god for friends with good taste.


Curry 36, Mehringdamm 36, 10961 

I have to admit, after all the salmon and bagels and smashed avocado and flat white, we were well overdue on a German sausage. Who can legitimately say they’ve been to Germany and not even attempted to eat a currywurst without spilling it all down your front? Not me, that’s who.

And once again, staying on Mehringdamm meant we were in prime position for a Curry 36, who are known all over the city for their porky servings.

And if we were capable of standing outside in Arctic temperatures to gobble these little wieners in our paws, then you really have no excuse.



Belle Alliance, Mehringdamm 56, 10961 

And to end on another basic bitch high, we returned to another favourite on Mehringdamm, (seriously who needs to go further afield when you are so well catered for within spitting distance?) and it wasn’t quite as good as Distrikt but they still know how to make a mean brunch.

Oh and I had pancakes, because, what is life without a little variety?