Problem Skin Or Problem Me



What are the odds that as soon as I hit publish on this post, the gods of the face world will swear vengeance and decide to ruin my skin for the next six weeks? High, I imagine.

Alas, I am a rebel and a glutton for punishment, so here we are  running the gauntlet and hoping that I won’t wake up tomorrow looking like Mr Blobby.

Since the beginning of 2017, I have made a (semi-conscious) decision to pair back my makeup routine. To make it less focused in covering up problems and more focused on stopping them before they start.

My skin has always been a bit of a battleground, hormonal breakouts that literally had no chill and the palest complexion under the sun does not maketh for waking up flawless, ya get me?

But what started out as a window of blessing, when my hormones decided to go on holiday and leave me be for a couple of weeks, and spending lots of time at home without makeup over Christmas and New Year, I decided to try and carry it on.

At least carry it on until I figured it would inevitably come to its natural conclusion and I’d have to go back to the full face. But at least I’d have saved a bit of money in the process (that foundation ain’t cheap ya know) and seen what my skin could be like without it.

Fast forward eight weeks, and so far, so not wearing foundation seems to be doing me a favour. Not only does it mean a bit longer in bed in the morning before work – can I get a hooray – but my skin has *whisper it* been better than last year.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence and I’ll be back on here soon deleting this post and burning my computer for letting me so arrogantly believe I was due some clear skin. Or maybe, I really did just need to give my face a break.

So for now, my non-contoured, non-concealed, paler than the moon face, is telling you all to consider going au natural.

Products used- Kiehl’s Midnight Oil, Kiehl’s Oil Free Moisturiser, REN Anti-Pollution Mist.

  • Alice Young

    Beautiful lady :) hope the skin gods continue to smile on you! xxx

    • hahah aww thanks so much Alice. Have a lovely weekend xxx

  • Your skin is incredible! I don’t mind going make up less but I love applying it so much (so therapeutic!) I tend to do a full face every day x

    Sick Chick Chic

    • Aw thanks Josie that is very kind! Yesss the process is so soothing isn’t it? haha. Hope you’re well darling xxx