This Is Where 2017 Is Going For Me


Hear me out.

I know I might seem a little late to the party (classic Sophie) but it seems to me that February is actually a really good time to take stock and make some plans for the upcoming year.

I know everyone with half a brain cell probably sees that January is the logical option, but I’m normally too hungover/poor/depressed about how dark it is and that I have to take the Christmas tree down, to actually get into the swing of the upcoming year and make some kick ass decisions.

Instead I eat jacket potatoes three times a week and re-write my Twitter bio to make myself seem more interesting.

Also, in January, having a whole year’s worth of diary to fill (YES I have a paper diary, so sue me) is a little overwhelming.

But, by mid-Feb I’ve got a better understanding of what this year is going to be doing for me.

I am making travel plans, career plans, blog plans (LOL mate if you could just remember to hit publish that would be about 99% improvement on last year) and generally mapping out what I want to have done by 2017 and it feels bloody great.

Anyone else making unconventional new year plans?

  • I always start off January with good intentions but they seem to go awry mid month haha. It’s just a practice run for me, February is the real deal 😉 x

    Sick Chick Chic

    • Yes completely agreed! And so lovely to hear from you Josie xxx

  • I always find myself more motivated in February than January – I think it’s that smidgeon of extra light! x

    • I’m so glad i’m not the only one! Spring here we come, right?!! xxx

  • I always think of February as when the year properly starts and you can really get into the swing of things- January is all the things you said and more which makes planning and sticking to thing so much more difficult!

    • Yes exactly Tara! Here’s to February being the new January haha xx