Damp January (Or Why It’s Fine To Cut Yourself Some Slack)


I know we are nowhere near the end of January (no matter how much I tell myself I can stretch December’s pay cheque to my next pay day) but I think we are far enough through the month that I can start being reflective.

And well, if you disagree, that’s just tough isn’t it, because I’ve got control of the keyboard.


This January I didn’t make a list of New Year’s Resolutions, predominantly because the time I had designated for said activity was on a flight to Portugal on New Year’s Eve and the journey ended up being delayed by the fog so much that I just fell asleep….awkward.

But also because I found that looking at my resolutions from last year, they were tedious and did nothing to make me feel better about achieving goals.

They just make me feel guilty so early on in the year and ain’t nobody about that life. I already feel guilty that I had shortbread for breakfast and I’m not saving for an ISA or paying off any of my student loan, and won’t EVERYONE just leave me alone.

So I decided to start the year with making small changes that I wanted to stick to because they brought things into my life, rather than throwing them out.

For example, doing yoga during my lunchbreak at work, not because I want to work off said shortbread, but because I find it relaxing and rewarding (BUZZWORD ALERT).

And this is where damp January comes in.


I know lots of people are sceptical about this and say it is a cop out, it is for people who fail to grasp basic sentences like “I’ll just have a pint of lemonade please” or people who have some secret drinking problem that they’re trying to make seem less significant.

And while I will not dispute the fact I begrudge paying £3 for sugary water (true story) my decision to partake in a less dry January than is conventionally done, wasn’t fuelled by lack of willpower but deciding that it wasn’t right for me.

For me, drinking in December did get a little out of hand – we don’t have any milk in the fridge, just slosh some Baileys into my tea etc etc – but that was just the spirit of the season ya know.

I’m not normally the person who thinks that Prosecco is a perfect drink to get you started for the day (HONESTLY MUM).

And because of that, I would not have gained anything from going completely cold turkey.

Cutting down drinking this month wasn’t about proving to myself that I can do it, but making a conscious decision that acknowledge I needed to get a tighter grip on the drinking reins (and purse strings – who knew mid-week wine was SO expensive???)

After all, everyone knows that January is lacking in the fun department, so don’t make it anymore of a chore for yourself than it already is.

And now, allowing myself a couple of drinks throughout January (and it has only been on two occasions) means I’m not eagerly waiting for 1 February to roll round so I can quench my thirst.

  • Love this approach Soph – its a much healthier change! x

    Sophie Cliff

    • Thank you my love!! I’m finding it so much easier to say no when I don’t want it, knowing that I could have it if I really wanted. How are you? xx