14 Things That Don’t Make You A Failure



I’ve been thinking a lot this week about failure. Don’t worry I’m not entering a quarter-life-crisis, about to buy a motorbike and ride through the Alps with a Brazilian model or somein’. 

Although maybe if I tell myself I am having a crisis I can justify the frankly sickening quantities of hot cross buns and Chinese food I ate this weekend…

Something to consider.

It’s just that what with going into the second week of February and all, I’m all of a sudden aware that if the next 11 months goes this fast then I’ll be blowing out the candles on my 30th birthday cake in about three weeks…


And, more fool me, I’ve been treating January as a trial period, and really need to knuckle down and carpe diem some days and YOLO learn new skills. This was going to be the year I finally was able to assemble Ikea shelves all by myself.

What a time to be alive.

And here I am on the 8 February still trying to work out if there is a way I can fashion my scarf into a bonnet to cover my head so I can run to Sainsbury’s to buy soy sauce and lemons without being ravaged by Imogen. Seriously who names these storms?

However, baring that in mind. I am also the absolute worst for being a downer on myself. Ignoring all my achievements and small wins and always pushing myself to do better.

So I decided to have a little pep talk with myself…here is a comprehensive list of things that absolutely CATEGORICALLY do not make you a failure.

  1. Not being able to resist the salted caramel fudge in the Dairy Milk Tray even though you were meant to be dieting. Just don’t have a second one.
  2. Not being able to hack it at the gym for as long as you did when you were 21. YOU STILL TURNED UP DIDN’T YOU?
  3. Not being at the stage in life you thought you would be when you were 16 and used to write life-plans for 25-year-old you in your homework journal during lunch break. You also thought MySpace couldn’t fail. YOU WERE WRONG.
  4. Still not being sure that the career you’ve chosen is the one for you. Everyone else is working it out as they go along too you know?
  5. Not wanting to settle down, have children and spend all your money on stocks in Mothercare. Being selfish isn’t always the wrong way to live. And hey the planet doesn’t need more children so really you’re doing everyone a favour…sorry mum.
  6. Working really hard at something and not seeing the rewards or numbers you think your hard work deserves. Patience, time and a little bit of luck are not to be dismissed as irrelevant.
  7. Choosing to spend Saturday lying in bed watching Silent Witness instead of being productive and writing a blog post for Monday morning….(not projecting).
  8. Walking away from a relationship that isn’t working. It’s not a waste and the time you spent together isn’t lost.
  9. Staying in a relationship that isn’t working. There’s no shame in wanting to keep trying despite the odds being stacked against you.
  10. Wanting to book flights to the other side of the world and run away from all responsibilities. If not now, that mid-life crisis might be looming girl.
  11. Not being able to afford the same things as your friends. It’s not your fault their skills are way more desirable/profitable and all your parents gave you is the ability to write coherent sentences in print.
  12. Having a cry in the shower. Everyone does it. ALSO the salty water definitely cleans out your pores. So fresh skin and a fresh attitude. Win.
  13. Always being alone on Valentine’s Day. But then you get the whole Dominos pizza AND side of garlic bread just for you. Who is winning now?
  14. Not being able to do everything. You aren’t Taylor Swift.

Coat – Zara

Scarf – COS

Polo neck – Marks & Spencer

Trousers – Topshop

Shoes  (NOW ON SALE!!) – COS

  • Oh wow that coat looks amazing

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • i can relate to so many of these, i could definitely use the reminder sometimes!


    • Awww me too Danielle!! Feel like I need a good kick sometimes! Get out of that rut :) Xx

  • Eleanor Hughes

    This is such a lovely post, I feel like we spend too much of our time dwelling on our failures when in reality you’ve got to fail to suceed

    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

    • Thank you Eleanor!! We definitely do :) X

  • Thank you for this post, it was exactly what I needed. I tend to reflect far more on the negatives in my life than the positives! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

    • I’m so glad it was helpful! xx

  • Love this! It’s definitely okay to be totally lost, I know I am most of the time!!
    Jasmin Charlotte

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one Jasmin! xx

  • Christina S

    Love this list – it’s okay not to be where you thought you would by a certain point. That’s what keeps life interesting!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  • Josie

    I loved reading this! I always feel so lost, I’m never sure of where I ‘fit in’ – maybe I never will though and I guess that’s ok x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

    • Tell me about it – I think we are all just stumbling from one guess to another xx

  • Very nice read. Would love it if you could check out my new hair braiding tutorial!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

  • Sinthu IsChitterChattering

    this is was lovely! I’ve been feeling really down recently so this list made me feel slightly uplifted! thank you!

    • Awww Sinthu I’m so pleased to hear that! I really hope you feel better soon – everyone has those times xx

  • I love this post! And I totally agree with not settling down anytime soon. I love my boyfriend but I have so much that I still want to do before I get married or have kids!


    • So glad you enjoyed it Courtney! Thanks for leaving a comment :)Xx

  • Saira Bashir

    Babe I am so glad I found your blog !! You have some fabulous posts up!! Also LOVING your outfit so much !! I agree there are so many ideas of what the ideal person should be, and when we don’t meet these we are seen as ‘failures’- by everyone in life is different and goes through life differently too!! Also – WHO DOES COME UP WITH STORM NAMES?? Do you remember Storm Desmond a few months ago (haha!!)

    • Saira this is honestly one of the nicest comments I have had in SO long!! I am so glad you are enjoying the blog and my posts :) and i hope I continue to provide stuff you love reading!
      hahahah who could forget Storm Desmond?
      Your comment made my day. Thank you xxxx

  • 8, 9, and 13!!! Especially with Valentine’s Day coming up, it feels like an overload of love and happiness haha. Love these types of posts (:

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

    • So glad you enjoyed it Angelina!! xx

  • Love it. These things so do NOT make you a failure. :) I am obsessed with this look! So cool. Pinning!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Thank you Amy!! and thanks for sharing on Pinterest :) Xxx

  • i love love love this look!!! just perfect

  • KaBa

    How long have you had this blog for? your about me page says 24 of age and your archives only go back to 2014.