The Best Brunch In New York






For me, picking a hotel is half about how nice the bathroom is (marble sink, tick) and half about proximity to good brunch locations. There is nothing worse than knowing you are always going to have to trek for half an hour on the subway every morning to find somewhere you want to eat.

I mean it’s a first world problem, but we’re talking brunch in New York so going to presume that’s the level we’re operating on here.

So we booked a room on the lower east side (Ludlow/E Houston to be precise) because within a couple of minute’s walking distance there is enough brunch choice to satisfy even the most Instagram-concerned among us.

Ludlow Coffee Supply, 176 Ludlow Street

We were lucky enough to be staying in The Ludlow Hotel on the lower east side, and this is the coffee shop next door. Although I’m not normally one for opting for the hotel restaurant (lazy non?) after several unsuccessful breakfast journeys (WHY YOU NO TAKE RESERVATIONS NEW YORK) we decided to treat ourselves to the easy option. And you know what – it was a pretty damn good choice if I do say so myself.

Ludlow Coffee Supply does great coffee (including an iced coffee which is perfect for when you need refreshment like ASAP but also the jet lag is thrashing you with zero concern for your wellbeing).

To eat I would pick the baked skillets of eggs with marinara and sourdough bread and cheese and IS IT VIABLE TO EAT BREAKFAST THREE TIMES TODAY?!! Oh and make someone gets the avocado on toast. Otherwise, how basic even are you?





Jacks’ Wife Freda, 50 Carmine St or 224 Lafayette St

Jack’s Wife Freda is one of the infamous cult-restaurants in New York that people could list at the drop of a hat. And because of said (rather annoying) cool reputation it is another one that doesn’t enjoy people trying to plan their lives in advance and make bookings and instead prefers for you to all develop severe hanger waiting on the pavement outside.

Luckily for us we went along on a Monday lunchtime during a rather impromptu thunderstorm (I had Monica worthy hair frizz for about 90% of the holiday) and it seemed completely empty.

So we got to enjoy all the basil lemonade and beetroot eggs Benedict (hence the vivid pink Hollandaise) for ourselves. Not too bad. Oh and the chips, you have to order the chips. I don’t care if it’s breakfast, you won’t live to regret this.







The Butcher’s Daughter, 19 Kenmare St

The Butcher’s Daughter is the third in my ultimate New York brunch selection (only the best for you people) and was actually another by-mistake-type-second-option like Ludlow Coffee Supply.

Long story short, we wanted to go to The Egg Shop but the queue was 50 minutes long (sorry no I don’t want my stomach to eat itself whilst I wait for a poached egg) and The Butcher’s Daughter is opposite and we had heard good things. Plus, the sun was shining and we secured the most enviable people-watching location outside on the pavement, so we think we know who is winning here.

Between us we had Mexican eggs (great, lots of potatoes), French toast with almond butter and fruit (delicious, lots of sugar) and granola with fruit and a side of fruit salad (fab, lots of fruit). Basically get the whole menu and then insist on a Yo! Sushi style system where you just rotate plates until everyone is full/the plates are cleared.