What Worrying Looks Like As A 25-Year-Old Girl






As you are now all fully aware, I have recently been initiated into the 25 club. The club for people who have reached their quarter century and still feel like they have no bloody idea how to adult or what even is a gas meter and how do I read it?!?

Whilst in general our lives are fine and dandy, there are still those niggling worries that plague every waking hour. Mainly, WILL Nathan and Cara stay together in Love Island?

1. Will I ever learn to cook a meal other than pesto pasta?

2. How many days in a row can I neglect to eat my five-a-day before my limbs start falling off?

3. Am I a massive imposter? Why would anyone hire me to do my job? And how did I get through that interview? Am I making a right mess of this?

4. What happens if I take three of my contraceptive pill in one evening because I was too busy stalking my ex-boyfriend on Snapchat?

5. Am I achieving a good work-life balance? Or does everyone secretly think I’m either a sofa slob or a workaholic (why do these seem to swing from one week to the next??)

6. Is it acceptable to rename Dominos in my phone to a random guy’s name so strangers who read over my shoulder on the tube actually think people bother to text me?

7. Is getting a phone upgrade just so you can download Tinder really a good move?

8. Has Brexit ruined all my future chances of happiness and any chance at moving abroad to find a Swedish husband?

9. Should I be paying into a pension or am I better off investing in solar energy resources?

10. Should I be learning to code? I bet everyone else is learning to code.

11. Will anyone notice if I eat this last rocky road bite….?

12. Will I ever look as young, carefree and radiant as I did in Freshers Week? And why can I no longer wear bodycon?

13. Does everyone secretly hate me because I suggested that we each pay for our own meal rather than splitting the bill?

14. Will I ever be able to shop in Topshop again without a niggling feeling that all the crop tops are laughing at me?

Culottes c/o – Boden*
Top c/o – Boden*
Bag – COS (now on sale)
Shoes – Office

  • Sophie, you are getting “HELL YEAH” over here. All of the above. I literally feel like being an adult throws so many curveballs at us. I mean hell, I’ve paid well over the odds too many times whilst someone enjoys lobster and I eat a sausage pasta (cos you know #fundslow) and everyones like “let’s split the bill.” Umm, can we not? LOLOL!
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

    • hahahahha thanks you just get me girlllllll xxxxxxx
      Also sausage pasta is delish but it ain’t no lobster

  • Oh, congratulations, first of all! Happy belated birthday – actually, in astrology it counts as a new year, so it’s good! Well, I loved numbers 1, 2 and 8 :) Pesto pasta is good, by the way! And number 12 – believe me, you will look fresher and even more beautiful. Splitting the bill is fine, when all had the same. I once went to a restaurant where people asked for truffles and big steaks, fancy wine and I ate a salad and had a soft drink. At the end a friend of mine wanted to split the bill, but I found that so unfair… not being tight fisted, but it was unfair. I ended up paying what the others had. Loved your blog and post, hope you have a great weekend!

    • Thanks so much Denise!! I never knew that about the astrology so that is good news :)
      AGREE on the bill front!!

  • ohhh girl i’m in the same position!! not ready, i’m still saying to everyone this was my 5th birthday, that’s how many years i really feel!!XD

    xx from Brighton
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope |

  • Happy belated birthday! I just turned 28 and with the ever looming 30, these little niggling thoughts are always there, no matter what birthday. But I say wear what you want, and eat what you want! Somedays you’ll hit your 5 a day and some days you’ll only eat dominos and ice-cream and that’s totally fine!

  • Jenny Scott Russell

    Happy 25th! This post really made me laugh and is so relatable to me even as a 21 year old. I think to feel like your just sort of plodding on through life is pretty normal, at least thats what I gather from reading lots of 20-somthings blogs xD

    Freyas Fashion Chapter

  • Hayley Rubery

    Babes this post made me LOL – it’s so relatable! Happy belated birthday too sweets, hope it was a good one (and I PROMISE it’s not all downhill from the big 25 haha!).

    Hayley xo