Happy 25th Birthday To Me







Today is my 25th birthday – praise be. Rest assured I know you’ve all sent lavish gifts and fan mail but that they are stuck in the post or your dog ate them etc. etc. We’ll just overlook that.

In honour of the day I have decided to go to Disneyland to act like a child, eat endless sugar and ride on Space Mountain over and over again until I get kicked off by security for pushing in front of children (who FYI don’t get precedent just because they’re short). I’m short and still have to stand at the back at festivals. So there. Life is unfair.

By this point I will also hopefully be rocking a rather glamorous pair of Minnie Mouse ears, because if you can’t dress in an outfit from the Disney store on your birthday, then when can you?

And in some weird situation where the planets have aligned in my favour/make it look like I have a thought-out blogging schedule and strategy, I had planned on putting up these photos from the Ludlow Hotel today and discussing whether going on holiday with your parents is still acceptable as an adult.

Before I realised oh that date looks familiar it’s only the day of your birth, what better excuse to segway into this jammy topic. SO, at what age do you have to stop going on holiday with your parents?Because although (fortunately for her) my mother is not taking me to Disneyland (I think she had her fair share of the horrors in my childhood) we did go to New York together.

I love going on holiday with my family, but does there come a point when it’s no longer socially acceptable? Is being 45 and still making holiday plans with your mum mean that you’ve failed and need to go back to adult school? Or is it just a luxury that I’m lucky to have and should keep doing for as long as possible and ignore the haters?

Because right now on the day that I commemorate having lived 25 years on this planet, I’m definitely not looking to shake off the tradition off the family holiday just yet.

Although I am getting pretty good at holding my own passport now.


Photos taken at Ludlow Hotel NYC

  • I can’t believe I missed this! The happiest of birthdays to you :) I hope Disney kicked ass!
    Bee xxx