Life Has Changed




I’ve been away so long that I completely forgot my WordPress login and had to reset my passwords and usernames and no all those guesses are completely wrong… that’ll teach me to try and have a life away from this blog.

So, for what it’s worth I don’t normally do personal stuff on here – in fact I don’t really do personal anywhere – it’s cringe and embarrassing and self indulgent and I’d much rather just talk about how the weather is hormonally challenged…rather than myself.

Although can we just take this moment to say, London r u ok hun? I was really preferring being able to BBQ three meals a day rather than wrap plastic shopping bags round my feet because of the rivers flowing down Brixton high-street. Please get back to us when you’ve had a takeaway and a hot bath and calmed the fuck down.

SO most of you probably know where I have been for the last few weeks because I rather humbly wrote about it right here – and will in fact be sharing all my pictures/brags/selfies in due course.

Current obstacles include successfully tricking my 2008-born-laptop to find some space on it’s hard drive to accommodate the photographs alongside all the drunk club Freshers photos. Sorry not sorry.

But there are other obstacles, including some fairly MAJOR life changes.

During the time I was away I found out that I will be moving jobs – in fact I found out at 5am in a hotel room in Tahiti whilst suffering severe jetlag, so I rolled around in the hotel bed (KING SIZE BED FOR ONE QUEEN) in my pyjamas and ate leftover Dairy Milk from the bottom of my suitcase. THAT GLAM LIFE.

So anyway I’m starting at the Huffington Post on 31 May, and this is serving as another prior warning that I’ll be worked up to my eyeballs and might (Read, absolutely will) be patchy on the blog posts. Luckily for me you people are so understanding, and still check in even when I forget to do it myself..ahem.

On another note, I am moving flats (bed-partner and I are going our separate ways) notably me towards the wine aisle of Sainsburys to be more precise.

BUT NEW FLAT MEANS NEW INTERIORS. And ain’t nothing a girl loves more than an unfurnished flat and a hundred Pinterest boards to work with.

So in short, life is throwing al it’s got at me right now, and whilst I am completely loving it, it is also resulting in my enthusiasm for more time spent at a computer at an all time low.

xoxox BRB xoxox

H&M – Top

Shorts – All Saints 

Sunglasses – Rayban

Sandals – Birkenstock

  • Girl, you never cease to make me laugh. I love your lol a minute posts. I hope the new job goes well – what an opportunity, so I’ll forgive you if you’re a little absent! Go kick some ass.
    Bee |

    • hahahah awww thanks you’re such a gem xxxxxxx

  • How do you even talk about the rollercoaster that is life with so much sass and personality, Sophie, lol. Good luck with the new job and move!


    • Hahaha thanks so much may!! So glad you enjoyed it xxxx

  • Aw it all seems to come at once right?! But I know you will handle it like a boss and I’m always around if you want a good chat or complain!!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Aww thank you so much my love that is so kind! And yes it does come along all at once. Hope you’re well darling xxxx

  • First off, how babin’ are you looking in these photos? So sassy girl. HUGE congrats on the new job – it sounds like exciting things are coming your way. Sending you loads of luck and love for the next few weeks xxx

    • You’re such a super star. It is much appreciated xxxx <3 <3 <3

  • Pretty!!!!! Love the blouse!!!

  • Olivia Grace

    You got this girl, SO many job congrats and love xxx

    • You’re such an angel, thanks Liv xxxx

  • Catherine Xiang

    Congrats on the job! New reader here — love these photos and your blog. :)

    • So glad to hear you’re enjoying Catherine!! xx

  • Congratulations on your job lovely!! ^_^ Also, king size bed for one sounds too good to be true.

    Katie | Words By Katie

    • Aw thank you so much Katie that is very kind!!! xxx

  • Congratulations on the new job! I’ve totally been there with the forgetting logins and passwords – honestly, isn’t it one of the most frustrating things?! I have total confidence that you’re able to tackle everything life is throwing at you and that your new flat is going to be unbelievably fabulous! Besides, who doesn’t love the excuse to design a new flat? I’m sure it will be the epitome of #homegoals!

    • Thanks so much Caitlin – what a lovely comment :) you’ve really brightened up my day!!! xxx

  • Hayley Rubery

    Congrats on the job lady – proud of you! And I CANNOT WAIT to see how you decorate, bloody love a bit of interior design! <3

    Hayley x

    • Aww thanks so much my love!!! I hope you’re well – your travels lately look AMAZE xxx