Life Update



Ok ok I’ve kept quiet for long enough. I’ve tried to be all humble and not be a bragging Barbara and whatever about this, but I have something really exciting to tell you.

And no, I’m not pregnant. Still. And no I won’t stop wearing dungarees so people stop wondering.

Now I feel like I need to provide a little bit of context cause otherwise you’re all just going to hate on me and that’s not what this place is about.

This is purely a gal who got a lucky break – like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman – and I just want to share my happiness.

SO in the world of journalism you accept that it is your fate that you will be paid terribly for 360 days a year in return for the ‘perks’ of the job.

Said perks so far have included getting free ice cream, being able to harass Caroline Lucas on public transport and meeting the cast of Loose Women.

Let’s say, the stuff money can’t buy. Well it can, but it can’t buy the huge satisfaction of getting it for free.

So as of Sunday I am going on a press trip to the other side of the world.

To Tahiti and Bora Bora.

Yes that’s right, to French Polynesia. For free. For ten days.

To have spa treatments and go snorkelling for pearls and coral reef and we’re even staying on a yacht overnight one time because I’m basically Beyonce. And what cha gonna do.

So maybe I’ll never come back to South London and just adjust to island life and coconuts and bikinis and frolicking in the ocean forever?


And I was about to apologise for having neglected you again blog – it’s just been one of those weeks where life has managed to get away from me a bit. You know, overwhelmed with work/keeping myself on track/not falling into a beige-buffet-induced coma and staying there forever.

But seeing as I’m about to set off to the middle of the Pacific Ocean it doesn’t look like that’s going to be changing anytime soon now does it….?

Promise I’ll send a postcard.

  • RIP me, I just died of jealousy. Have ZE BEST TIME! Totally won’t be stalking your every move on Insta, promise….

    Sophie Cliff

    • Hahahaha sorry Soph…promise not to brag too much xxxx