The Stupidest Things I’ve Done In The Name Of Blogging



I’d be lying if I said this post was inspired by anything other than Saturday. A day in which I did many stupid things in the name of blogging.

Starting out like any other weekend, with a cold cup of tea (I can’t stop myself falling asleep whilst I’m meant to be drinking it) I went to meet Hannah so we could blogger-ourselves-silly taking photos of each other and eating brunch. I know, such cliches. So sue me.

Anyway it would have been way cuter had we not been as inappropriately dressed like this, and actually worn garments that A) covered our feet B) covered our faces C) just not gone outside at all.

So it got me thinking of all the frankly down-right stupid and hypothermia-inducing things that bloggers do in the name of that little URL with your name on it.

So here goes (feel free to hate me for perpetuating the myth that we are deficient in brain cells). We aren’t. We’re just damn committed to a cause;

1. Stand in the torrential downpour in culottes, open-toed sandals and no jacket. Oh and it was really windy and a solid 6 degrees (I’m sorry April, what?!!). Photoshop really can make it look like the sun was out.

2. Order a matcha tea for the Instagram opps even though you can’t stand the taste of it. The same goes for any of you fools still ordering wheatgrass shots. Just no.

3. Let your food go cold because you just can’t quite get the right square for your grid. God forbid you stop bed-partner eating his too.

4. Obsess over a grid.

5. Respond to trolls or believe that anything they say is anything other than complete jealous-envy-enduced rage.

6. Buy a candle but then never light it because it just won’t look the same in a flat lay.

7. Have a legitimate argument with bed-partner because he lit said flat lay candle and IS NOTHING SACRED ANYMORE?

8. Think about Affiliate Windows before making a shopping purchase. Is this worth my time…? Er.

9. In fact, buy anything for the sake of the blog. CROP TOPS DO NOTHING FOR YOUR CAMEL TOE GIRL, GET THE MEMO. (FYI I have never owned a crop top, I am at peace with this).

10. Use up all your 3G data Instagram stalking (WHAT? WHO IS SHE? She did not look like that 6 months ago) and then realise you need it for actual like life things. Maps, communicating with family members etc.

11. Considered venting all your personal life/ deepest darkest secrets on the internet because you forget that actually these are IRL people reading this and they might not give you the virtual hug you’re looking for.

12. Refer to other people by their Twitter handle.

13. Lose sight of the fact that it’s only a blog and if you don’t put up a post first thing on a Monday morning your whole world is going to implode around you. Just walk away.

Jacket – Whistles

Shirt – Jigsaw 

Skirt – Jigsaw

Trainers – NIKE Flyknits

  • Haha brilliant, if I think of all the silly things i’ve done for the sake of blogging/instagramming, I would have enough to fill a book! x

    • You’re telling me…!!!

  • notcopperarmour

    Lovely post! I’m very guilty of buying nice candles but refusing to burn them because they look and smell nice as pretty aesthetic things. Must stop.

    Not Copper Armour // Bloglovin’

    • Hahaha glad i’m not the only one Emma! Candles will bankrupt me xxx

  • Haha this made me laugh, and so many of them are completely true! Poor old blogging boyfriends have to put up with a lot! Alice xx

    • Thanks so much Alice – glad you enjoyed! p.s. they love it really 😉 xxx

  • Yep, all of that! So good to see other people do it too… I cringe at myself sometimes! (usually in restaurants taking the 100th photo of the food)

    Ally xx

    Digital Diva // Life, Interiors, Travel & Eating Out
    Each Other’s // Fashion From Me…and Him!

    • So glad I’m not the only one Ally!