16 things that mean English summer has officially started




Oh the Great British summertime. Spending time on this island of ours means spending 330 days a year telling each other how great it will be when the sun finally arrives. And luckily for us global warming is doing a sterling job of making sure it is earlier and earlier every year. Thanks cars.

So here we are on the 13 April and I’m gonna call it. This is officially the first day of summer (well apart from on Monday when I said that and then it rained all afternoon…ahem) but I have higher hopes for today.

So get the Factor 50 and the Birkenstocks out people, cause the sun has well and truly got his hat on.

1. The Daily Mail reminds us all on a regular basis that Manchester IS NOW HOTTER THAN ATHENS. We basically live in a tropical paradise.

2. TESCO starts selling cider in family multi-packs because no one is drinking less than 6 of these bad boys. And Pimms. All the Pimms.

3. The tank tops come out in April. All men of South London adore a tank top and sitting really close to you on the bus so you can feel their arm hairs.

4. Cue endless wondering about why our buildings don’t have central heating. I mean, we aren’t in Lapland people and this does happen every year…

5. We question everything we know about carpet and it’s place in our lives.

6. The park now seems a legitimate venue for a Friday night as a non-homeless, non-16-year-old drinker.

7. This also means that every other Londoner will be competing for the same patch of dry grass as you. Gets real cosy.

8. You BBQ everything. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nothing is off limits here people.

9. You forget that the sun is now a hot ball of fire and park your car in it’s rays so that when you return to your vehicle you can now roast yourself within it like a little rack of lamb.

10. You reminisce about when a ’99’ flake actually did cost 99p. Three pounds? The ice cream isn’t even that nice guys but obvs we have to eat one for nostalgic purposes.

11. You decide that buying a paddling pool from B&Q is the best idea ever. You fill it with water only to realise that you’re too adult-size for any of this to be OK anymore.

12. Pubs. Pub gardens. Wine. Rose. Ice bucket. We are the classiest of all nationalities when it comes to summer beverages.

13. You begin an endless internal battle with yourself about exactly how inappropriate it would be to wear flip flops to that meeting.

14. And a bikini on the Central Line.

15. And why god on earth do I not play rounders every lunchtime? THIS IS MY SPORT. I’VE FINALLY FOUND IT. LET THE WORLD KNOW I AM SERENA WILLIAMS OF ROUNDERS.

16. Within 24 hours we have all have quite enough of the heat and everyone starts moaning about how damn warm it is. Like seriously, where’s some rain at?

  • LOVE THIS. Although we don’t quite have the hot sunshine up here in the north yet… x

    • Guess you’ll have to come to London and visit me then!!!

  • The sunshine hasn’t quite made its way to East Anglia yet, but I am already itching to do so many of these things. Pub gardens are what summer is all about. Get me there pronto!

    Rachel | http://www.currentlyrachel.com

    • Oh that’s sad to hear – I’m going back home to essex at the weekend and I was hoping for sun!!! xxx

  • Jayne

    This post is amazing! It hasn’t been warm here in Liverpool yet, although it has been sunny at least! I can’t wait for Summer to properly arrive though. x


    • So glad you enjoyed Jayne!! Hope you get some sun this weekend xxx

  • Adele Miner

    haha I love this, so true! I think your blog is lovely by the way, let me know if you would like to follow each other!


    • Aw thanks Adele that’s very kind!

  • Josie

    Haha this is so funny! The rounders one got me, I also become a badminton champ when the sun comes out too. I was so sure summer was here, I shaved my legs last night and everything and then today? RAIN! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

    • Hahahhahah I know WHY DO WE BOTHER WITH HAIR REMOVAL it’s like a signal to the rain gods xxxx

  • Love this!