I’m Burning Out


Here I am on a Sunday afternoon trying to write a blog post whilst cooking all my lunches for the week and simultaneously ordering bed-partner on how best to hang the washing on the clothes horse.

No I am not a control freak. Everyone just knows that you can’t hang trousers on the bottom rung. Obvs.

Despite the vision of productivity that Sunday has become, actually all I want to do is watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and eat my leftover Easter eggs in the bath.

(And if no one has lived such a sheltered life they have never eaten Diary Milk in a bubble bath, then go, right now, sort that girl.)

Now I would the the first to admit that I am a hard worker. I take on a lot. I push myself to do a lot. I am most certainly a ‘yes’ person by character.

Not to mention the career which I’ve been building and yearning for years means constant hustling. Always putting yourself out there, agreeing to opportunities to get your name/your work/your face on the brands you’ve always aspired to be part of.

But there is a limit.

A point where you can’t use every minute of the day to it’s maximum potential.

Sorry inspirational quotes. Sorry world. Sometimes you can’t sustain that over a long period of time.

For the last few months, in fact since the beginning of 2016, I have been sure to use every minute of the day in one way or another to further myself.

Whether that’s blogging, taking photographs, at work, at the gym, weekends away, travelling – even watching Netflix has become the most purposeful way of a previously inane way to spend time. No longer do you just turn on the box and watch something to zone out.

Now every minute is full of purpose and intention.

In the short term that is great, we can achieve more and push ourselves to be the best version of ourselves. But sometimes you just need to switch off.

To eat Dominos in your pyjamas and stare at the ceiling.

To have a Harry Potter marathon with guilt-free weekend wasting and not feeling like you should have been rock climbing and learning to code and getting a full body wax.

And I’m worried I’m burning out. I feel myself struggling more and more to sustain this high level of operation without resentment and feeling like I’m fighting against myself.

After all no one else is requiring this of me. I set the bar this high myself. Because when it works, it works.

But when it doesn’t. It runs you into the ground faster than you can say – so who has Dominos on speed dial?

  • And relax! Don’t stress yourself out over it all. Just live your life the way you feel suits you best! It’s amazing your using all your time but remember there is always tomorrow!

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    • This was SUCH a nice comment and made me feel much better – thank you Stacey!!!!

  • Sophie, this is EXACTLY how I felt Jan/Feb and part of March too. My holiday was my golden ticket to getting out of my slump. I had been pushing & pushing so hard with my job to make sure that I got that promotion, that I got that pay rise that all the things that kept me sane outside of work fell by the wayside and it was so sad. It made me unhappy. Whilst I got that promotion/payrise (it was worth it (in the end!)) I decided that I needed to work at my blog again, because that is one thing that does make me happy (despite falling in & out of love with it from time to time!) You sound like you need a break, from something, that little piece of the jenga tower that you don’t necessarily need that it won’t fall over but when the times right it could be slotted back in. (Bloody ‘ell, look at me with my analogies!)
    Bee xxx

    • OH MY GOODNESS Bee this was such a wonderful comment to read. You’re completely right. I think I’m burning the wick at both ends and you end up having to sacrifice the things that actually make you happy. I know it’s only short term though and I’ve just got to see it through for the time being xxxx

      • You can do it! I’m sure of it. Just don’t burn yourself out too much xxx

      • Aww you’re such a star. Thanks girl xx

  • I feel you!! Everyone has a point where everything has taken its toll and you need a breather. Life is becoming more and more complicated, and everyone seems to think every day needs to be well spent. Well spent days can be made in front of a tv with a slice of pizza!!

    a life of a charlotte

    • I completely agree! pizza is so needed. Scheduled in a Dominos for Friday :)xxxx

  • Emma Rosemurgey

    In a completely different context I am soooo in the same boat. I’m either spending every minute of my day working on assignments or revision for university, and the rest of the time I’m working in order to have the money to have the privilege of actually being at university. Sometimes putting yourself and your health first will be beneficial to your career in the long run, feel better soon.
    Emma xxxxxx

    • Oh Emma I couldn’t agree more! I really hope that you get where you want to be cause it sounds like you are working so hard for it – good for you girl xxxx