Seville Photo Diary























Oh hey Seville! Look at you popping up four weeks down the line in my scheduled posts. Who knew you’d still be lurking and delivering joy well into March. A lil’ present that keeps on giving ain’t cha. 

Right now the most exotic thing I’ve got going on is dipping my Creme Egg biscuit into a cup of lukewarm tea, so really pretty envious of past-Sophie (FYI is this a thing to be jealous of yourself a lot? Asking for a friend…)

Anyway. Yes, Seville.

I’m not going to pretend that we sat down weeks before we left, got out the A-Z map and the Lonely Planet and made a list of everything we had to see. Because TBH you all know me better than that.

I’m a horribly cliche millennial, too busy live tweeting Netflix and drinking Starbucks to have any appreciation for culture and forward planning. We are the worst.

Also truthfully every iota of my being was more stressed about the early morning flight we had to get out of Gatwick and the three o’clock alarm that this whole process entailed. In the end it was positively pleasant (was anxious about saying anything to that effect the whole holiday though in case all of a sudden I jynxed myself and my passport set fire to itself or threw itself off the balcony in some sod’s law protest).

So we basically landed in the city not having a single clue what to expect (similar vibe to that time I decided to go and live in Wisconsin like Colin Frizzle in Love Actually despite never having been there before. Cute with a capital C) Anyway I digress.

We arrived. We had no clue what to do. So we ambled. We mooched. We strolled.

Like true Brits on tour we walked our way around navigated by our stomachs 99% of the time and 1% by how many Japanese schoolchildren were at any one location.

There was also that half an hour period where we were convinced we had seen Justin Beiber and so followed some perfect stranger through the streets of Seville. Sorry mate if you’re gonna wear a Yeezus top and dye your hair peroxide blonde these things are gonna happen.

Once you’ve stopped pursuing strangers just going about their daily lives there is a pretty amazing palace and some cathedral business to see…um.

Can you see now why I no longer work in travel journalism? Literally useless at writing coherently about foreign adventure. Soz.

But basically I 100% recommend Seville. EasyJet do tickets that are cheap as chips and you can basically live on beer and manchego cheese for three days. Cost effective and that.

Go. Enjoy it. Let me say I told you so.