Giving Up The Day Job

The Wolseley breakfast pancake

The Wolseley London

The Wolseley breakfast pancake berries

London buildings ritz

The Wolseley breakfast

Cath Kidston umbrella

The Wolseley breakfast pancakes

French bulldog London

On the whole I like to consider myself a modern woman. Proud of bringing home the bacon, paying my own council tax and not having the sum total of my value based on how well I cooked my husband’s steak.

But when you get to spend the best part of a Wednesday eating pancakes and then mooching around Burlington Arcade I could really quickly get used to being a lady of leisure.

Sorry Beyonce. Sorry Suffragettes.

It’s just that getting up at 7.15 every morning and having to fight for a seat on the bus is really less preferable than a lie-in, bath and then a casual stroll to The Wolseley to meet some sassy gal pals for brunch.

There was so much pancake porn, and then some genius even threw in a French Bulldog and well if I’d had a pen right there and then I’d have starting writing my resignation letter.

I mean who needs to deal with the photocopier running out of toner when you spend your days eating carbs and lying on those really comfy sofas in the shoe department of Selfridges? (That’s what those sofas are there for. Right…?)

Luckily for me it seems I have friends in the right places (don’t ask me how…) and the wonderful girls at Farfetch incredibly generously decided to take me along and indulge my fantasies about being a lady of leisure.

I always knew I liked them; mainly since they were my main source of importing guilty shopping purchases when I lived in Puerto Rico. Don’t tell bed partner.

And Farfetch have so many wonderful things coming up this year, not to mention the  fact they’re expanding day by day, so I’ve got a little suspicion they’re a friend everyone should keep close by. And not just for pancakes.

So for the time being I don’t think I’ll need to give up the day job although I will have to put in a request for someone to start chauffeuring me around places. The Victoria line is really killing my vibe.

I’ll keep you posted.

*Post in collaboration with FarFetch but all pancake-consumption my own*

  • How good do those pancakes look!

    • They were amazing Rebecca! I’ve been thinking about them ever since :)

  • Oh. My. God. Those. Pancakes! I stopped and hovered over that picture for a good 10 seconds before I could scroll past. Uhhhhmazing. Nothing in the world beats brunch, amen, you sassy independent woman! xx

    • Hahah so glad you liked Katie!! xxxx

  • looking forward to seeing more farfetch stuff and your talk of pancakes are making my stack of sausage rolls feel very inferior x

    • Can’t wait to share it all with you!! (pancakes included…!!) xxx

  • This food looks and sounds amazing!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

    • It really was Kelly!xx

  • Ami

    That pancake stack looks so good! It makes you really appreciate a day off during the week when you’re normally at work – I usually find myself thinking ‘I’d usually be doing…’ Ha

    Ami x

    • Yes exactly Ami couldn’t agree more! xx

  • The Hungry Graduate

    That dog is so cuuuuute ☀☀☀ need him and those pancakes all day every day ✨✨✨

    • Hahahha I know I wish I’d stolen him away!

  • The Sunday Mode

    I love the photo of that dog, I kept scrolling up to it but then those delicious pancakes distracted me :)