Who Do You Dress For?






I like to think I have a particular style – or at least I know what I like and what I don’t like.

But a couple of weeks ago I had to potter on over to ASOS HQ to pick out some bits for fashion week and stood there in front of the rail I was rendered completely useless.

Like that time I had to try and pick out a prom dress in Year Eleven and ended up wearing a brown floral number with purple edges from Beyond Retro…I’m sorry what. The pressure was simply too immense.

God please no one ever ask me to get married, I’ll eat up wearing a taxidermied ferret on a hat.

I have to add there was a time pressure coz I was late and it felt like Supermarket Sweep I had to make good decisions (desperately trying to save face here), but all in all I was as useful as a wardrobe full of Herve Leger bodycon after Christmas lunch.

I couldn’t make a simple decision. I later concluded that perhaps I had just eaten way too much carrot cake around three o’clock and had perfectly timed the sugar crash…awks.

But the whole episode (The One Where Sophie Is Incompetent) did start me thinking – who do we dress for? Why had such a simple task become something I was completely unable to do for myself? How do we normally pick the things we want to wear?

Do you dress for yourself? Do you dress for men? Do you dress for Instagram? I mean, let’s be honest how many of your outfits would you actually wear if you knew there was no chance of there ever being a visual record of it or anyone else seeing it…?

I’ve got a pair of UGG tracksuit bottoms with a sheepskin lining (yes you read that correctly) that would up their usage by about 250% and maybe get beyond Saturday morning running to Tesco if Instagram didn’t exist in my life.

Sorry tracksuit.

When I lived in Puerto Rico my wonderful friends used to tell me I dressed very ‘London’ – I later took that to mean I dress like a maniac and the only place I would fit in would be somewhere where the population is so dense no one notices you as they crush you into the doors of the Victoria line.

I know people who absolutely dress for men – to enhance their figure and feel their absolute sexiest. Whilst other people who want only the approval of other women (although they would never admit it even to themselves). How do you think Birkenstock sales were so damn high last year?

So how much is really about the perception you create for other people rather than what you want to wear yourself? At what point do we lose track of what WE actually like ourselves and start to just dress for others? Or is that the most important thing – does other’s perception shape how we see ourselves regardless of what we wear?


But just remember people. We’re all only one carrot cake sugar crash away from a complete wardrobe meltdown.

*All clothes lovingly c/o ASOS but views/meltdowns my own

  • I definitely used to dress for a very different purpose. I was always dressing in a way to reflect what I thought other people wanted from me. Since abandoning that, I definitely feel a lot more comfortable dressing in what I want instead of what I feel I SHOULD wear.

    Rachel | http://www.currentlyrachel.com

    • I completely agree Rachel! Couldn’t have put it better myself xxx

  • Belle

    Judging by this outfit…I think you chose good!

    I hope I dress for the occasion- although peversely- something always makes me dress-down for ‘big events’ and dress-up for shopping (go figure).

    Ain’t gonna lie, s’always nice when someone asks you where your bag/shoes/top are from……and *HI-5* once I’ve Grammed I put my Uggs back on too :))


    • Awww you are such a gem Belle! I know exactly what you mean about the dress up/down thing. I’m constantly fearful of over-dressing – is there anything more embarrassing? xxx

  • I definitely think Instagram would be ALL OVER the sheep skin lined trackies! I am in my bright blue dressing gown 80% of the time, if I could wear it out the house I most definitely would. I think I dress for confidence, I always feel so much better when I’m happy with my outfit. The most productive days are the sassiest! Immy x


    • Hahahha thanks Immy! Glad someone is feeling the lounge wear 😉 xxx

  • your writing is so funny and charming! that aside, I adore this outfit. Sleeveless vest + stripes on stripes? Yes please!


    • Hahaha aww thank you so much Gem!!! That is so kind :) I’m so glad you enjoyed xxxx

  • Josie

    Double stripes! I love it. This is such an interesting post, I definitely went through a stage a few years ago when I was dressing more for the blog and trying to make my outfits more ‘interesting’. Now I would say it’s mainly for me but blogging and instagram do make me try out things I’d never have tried before, like trainers and boyfriend jeans. But whoever you dress for you always look so cool and effortless!

    I need to track down a pair of these UGG tracksuit bottoms down by the way x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

    • Aww thanks Josie I’m really glad you enjoyed it – I felt like it was something I was thinking about for a long time :) Glad you’re back to dressing more for yourself and not the blog – I definitely get into that rut too. But you’re right it does push you out of your comfort zone for sure which is always good! xxx

  • Joey Taylor

    Just wanted to say a quick hi Sophie and to say it was so nice meeting you the other day – I absolutely that breakfast and we had such a laugh! x

    Really interesting post, it would really change how people would dress if there was no instagram. For me, I dress for myself I buy clothes that I like and no way do I dress for my boyfriend or guys! x


    • Hey Joey thanks for stopping by to read – I had such a great time too! Hoping we will get to work together in the future xx

  • Oh god. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. I genuinely did a little ROFL (kinda didn’t get on the floor though) at this post. I must see your wedding outfit now.
    I have to say, as much as I’d love to say I dress for myself, I am hands down the worst person to get dressed – all the thoughts “oh my god who am I gonna see?” to “oh my god I cannot wear that outfit twice in a row?” I mean how terrible?
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

    • hahaha so glad you enjoyed Beady. Also I am definitely the same like if I’m going to see an ex-boyfriend like GIRL YOU BETTER LOOK FIERCE hahaha xxx

  • i mentally commented on this the other day: stripes with stripes, the best!! x

    • Hahahha I do that all the time and then am like I SWEAR I commented!!!

  • I love your trousers, they look so stylish yet comfortable. I think I generally dress for myself which is problematic because sometimes I don’t really care and live in my pyjamas. Yes the corner store has seen me in my pyjamas. :S

    Sally – DiagonSally

    • Hhahah glad I’m not the only one! The people in Tesco think I live in my pyjamas 😉 xxx

  • Clare Pennington

    Oh OUTFIT ENVY!! Those trousers are everything!

    Clare xx