Seville Eats


I can’t believe it’s already been three weeks since we came back from Seville – this year is determined to make me question everything I’ve ever known about time passing. I hope this isn’t another symptom of becoming an adult

Anyway, whilst we were in Seville we ate like the queens that we are. Ever since we returned when people ask what we did, the only honest answer I can give is – we ate. And walked. And then ate again. It was the kind of place where seven meals in a day feels completely legit. How else am I meant to fit in all these delicious treats?

And seeing as a lot were found by trial and error I thought I’d do a little share with you in case anyone else fancies heading south.



Virgin Coffee; Virgin Coffee was found after a rather unfortunate incident where a waiter just ignored us for like a good 20 minutes. Why you so rude Spain? So anyway we decided not to be British and just sit there and take the passive aggressive bitchiness and storm our way out of there. In the end it all worked out for the best because we got to drink delicious almond milk hot chocolate (yeah lactose intolerance siren holla) and sit in the sun. Pretty sure I got sunburnt during this breakfast. Oh memories.





Love Plaza Alfalfa; Another stumble upon. You know that horrible hanger you have in the morning after a night of red wine and flamenco and getting chatted up by Spanish men (yeah that). It leads you to just secure the nearest buttered pastry in a one mile radius and hone in on that like a bloodhound. Luckily my canine croissant senses have been refined over the year and not only did we find croissants but A CRONUT. Sorry New York you lose.




Horno San Buenaventura; This definitely counted as one of the sweet treats that we saw EVERYWHERE and couldn’t rightfully board that EasyJet flight knowing it hadn’t passed our lips. So we got one to share (because bikini bod am I rite?) Essentially it is Victoria Sponge soaked in honey and it is just the most decadent stickiness ever. It even came in a handy foam tray so you could drink the honey afterwards like your a Greek goddess or something. It’s only around for Semana Santa (Holy Week) so better grab your passport quick!





El Pinton; We didn’t just eat breads and pastries. We did actually have a single vegetable whilst we were there (also boring fact that is vaguely relevant at this juncture – I have given up meat for Lent so I can vouch all these places do meat-free funtingz). Here we ate like little piglets and had way too many plates (classic) which included a fountain of Burrata mozzarella (hint. little pockets of oil hidden within) and sweet potato chips and a calamari sandwich with garlic mayonaise and black salt (it’s a thing appaz). Anyway all delicious and not even too pricey.




Mamarracha; OK disclaimer. Another hanger induced choice, but we got lucky (again). The menu was the kind where you could basically eat everything but because we haven’t got seven stomachs (so jealous of those bovines right now) we had to make a choice. We punted for the Burrata (I know there’s a theme here) and pear salad, the garlic Foccacia with roasted tomatoes, beetroot salad with goats cheese and strawberries and pine nuts and pesto and feta and BASICALLY ALL THE CALORIES but it’s a salad so calm down Deliciously Ella. It was great. It was tasty. We over-ordered. What cha gonna do. Also there were chips (just out of shot – you all know what they look like).





El Rinconcillo; You CANNOT go to Seville and not to go El Rinconcillo – it would be a sin against the gods of good taste. It is one of the oldest bars in Spain (alright Trip Advisor) and it just is the most charming place ever. As in all the best tapas bars you just grab a space of floor by the bar, drink beer and lots of Manchego cheese. We also had some chickpeas and spinach because I love testing my Spanish trying to remember words like chickpeas (LOL good one). Basically just go. They write your tab on the bar in chalk and it’s all rustic and just a dream. Take photos. Feel like a tourist. Leave knowing you’ve done Seville justice. Trust me.

  • Sarah

    I would love to dive into that counter of croissants this morning

    • You’re telling me. I’m SO hungry today.