Is Snapchat Dangerous?


Before you start to worry this post is going to be me being a middle-aged mum in the playground talking about unsolicited dick pics and 15-year-olds sexting each other and I think that Snapchat embodies everything wrong with a generation, it ain’t. 

Random pictures of people’s genitals are hilarious and the least sexy thing ever. No one ever decided to start dating a guy because he took a great picture of his dick.

Every girl knows this. It’s number one in the girl code.

The real reason why I’m so suspicious and wary of Snapchat, especially the more addicted I become – Snapchat has taken about 2 weeks to go from irrelevance in my life to checking it as regularly as if it were a newborn baby I had birthed from my womb – is because it’s meant to be real life.

The whole reason I, and presumably many other people, love it so much is because it is meant to show you ‘behind the scenes’ and what people’s lives are really like.

We all know Instagram is about as realistic as me not finishing this packet of creme eggs that is sitting here next to me. Instagram is filtered and selected and curated and we all know this now despite people mouthing off on YouTube about how they never realised that life was so fake.

Bbz r u kiddin’ me?

Even blog photos, everyone who knows a thing about blogging knows that these things take time, editing and immediately pressing delete on the photos that actually show where those creme eggs are now nesting on my hips.

But Snapchat. This is where we’re told it’s real. It’s transparent. It’s what really goes on.

But it isn’t.

I mean sure, it’s people’s daily lives, getting dressed, trotting around doing their thang, having some brunch, doing work, maybe we even get to see them without make-up a fair bit of the time.

But still, it’s curated.

We don’t see them run for the bus and miss it because they’re unfit and lazy and should go to the gym more often, or popping that whitehead and then desperately trying to cover it with foundation,  or having an argument with their partner because they were meant to go to Sainsbury’s to get milk and forgot and now you have to eat dry Weetabix for dinner.


Now I’m not saying people should show this. That I show this, or indeed that anyone would want to watch this.

BUT the point is, that what we see on this platform – the behind the scenes, the reality, people being more transparent than on any other social media – it’s all relative. It’s not complete transparency, it’s not an un-edited version of their lives.

It’s the bits they want to share. The bits where they look good, they’re doing fun things and having a good time (FYI I am not criticising this is exactly what I do too). But the rest of us need to remember that.

That the ‘reality’ or the ‘candid behind the scenes’ snap that we just looked at, it isn’t their whole life. It isn’t what your life should look like at every second of the day.

It’s still something people use to be the best version of themselves. Even if that version is more relatable than the Instagram version.

It’s just another version of their reality.


You would also be right in thinking the only thing dangerous about Snapchat is how dangerously uneducated I am about the whole procedure. I still regularly send completely random pictures to unsuspecting people who I follow when they’re meant to be going to My Story (my story should really be named fat thumbs).

But YOLO girl just gotta style it out.

Snapchat; Sophiecfgallagher 

  • Olivia Grace

    Such an interesting post lady, I nearly deleted it the other day because it also offers SUCH a real ‘live’ sense of ‘FOMO’ which did more harm than good to an ok mood. It’s a funny old platform but this is so so true xxx

    • I ABSOLUTELY agree with this. It completely compels FOMO and aids my crippling comparison-complex which I’m sure is seeking to destroy me day by day. You’re such a gem and I’m so glad you could empathise with this xxxxxx

  • well for me any social media is dangerous it depends how well we know to use it and especially for kids or young one parents need to keeping eye on them but ya snapchat is really addicting *guilty!* lol

  • Josie

    I definitely agree, it’s not as candid as I thought it would be – although bloggers do show how messy their rooms really are which makes me feel less guilty about my floordrobe! I’m trying to add you but it’s not working :'( I think it’s probably my rubbish wifi though x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

    • So glad you guys agree!! Hahah I hope you eventually get to add me!! xxxx come see my messy bedroom…