Making Terrible Choices



My favourite part about the weekend (apart from not having to set an alarm because ALL THE LIE INS and if I hear that radar alarm one more time my brain will explode) is picking what to have for breakfast on a Saturday morning. 

I don’t know why I pretend I’m going to make a choice.

I always have Scrambled eggs (cooked in the microwave cause I’m a genius) with buttered crumpets and a pint of black tea.

It is excellent. Thanks for saying so.

I watch Silent Witness whilst eating it and bed-partner is not allowed to interrupt (he eats Weetabix in case you were wondering cause he is some caveman who doesn’t see the necessity in brunch. I know. You’re right. I should dump him).

THEN comes the hump.

Yeah I know, the hump shouldn’t come so early in the weekend.

My main problem with the weekend is firstly that I think it should actually be three days long, because girl gotta have time to chain-watch Netflix, be hungover and do something cultural (I’m multi-dimensional don’t try to box me in).

And secondly that even though it’s two days, Sunday is basically a right-off cause you’re constantly looking at your watching knowing you’re one minute closer to Monday morning being back on the bus with that man who WILL NOT SHARE HIS SEAT. EXCUSE ME SIR MY BUTT ISN’T SO BIG THAT I SHOULD BE FALLING OFF THIS CHAIR.

And so with the (as we’ve discussed) very limited time that the weekend provides to me, every weekend I have the same struggle (I know this is a first world problem but so is having a disproportionate amount of couscous to pomegranate ratio in my salad and that’s definitely a legit grievance).

MY STRUGGLE IS: do I relax and rejuvenate ready for the next week so my editor doesn’t think I’m always hungover just cause my eye-bags betray me?

OR do I get out there and YOLO my life? Go to the imax and learn French and eat Thai food? But then have to return to work on Monday hooked to a cafetiere and having to pretend to Alan in Accounting that you have a toddler who won’t sleep so he stops asking you why you look like such shit.

This is a problem that has plagued my life for long enough and one that I think is stopping me living to my true potential.

SO kind folk of the internet – do tell me. Should we carpe diem every day and just take the hit come Monday? Or rest and relax and have a pit stop in this wild world that just wants to suck all of the energy out of us like a rabid dementor? 

  • I genuinely feel less tired and more enthused for life when I do stuff at the weekend. When I sloth about I get a weird feeling that I’m wasting my life that makes me feel all miserable and BLAH. And somehow way more sleepy. But going away for the weekend or doing loads of stuff with friends makes me cheery and inspired and productive. Saying that though, I don’t have to go anywhere near the horrendously busy weekend tube. x

    Sophie Cliff

    • YES! To this. After writing this post yesterday I actually spent the day wandering around Hampstead Heath and then went to Camden for Nutella pancakes and I feel SO good today knowing that i made the most of my day. Although what I wouldn’t give for another day of sleep….. you’re a babe and absolutely correct, I need to get out more xx

  • I totally agree but I think it depends on the week you’ve had – this weekend I needed a break and rightly spent a good few hours lounging in bed eating brunch and reading. After the week I had last week it was bliss! But not doing anything for a whole weekend can make you feel crap and like you’ve wasted those days, so I had super productive afternoons (I say productive – more like baking and eating and reading blogs…!!) Alice xx

    • This is such a good point Alice! I really feel like I should have just made the most of being lazy on Saturday and embracing it rather than feeling guilty and constantly like I should be going out but actually not going and just feeling guilt! Hahahah eating definitely is productive 😉 have a lovely day xxx

      • Sometimes just letting yourself enjoy time spent doing nothing (or what feels like nothing) is the most productive and helpful thing you can do! No need to feel the guilt, just enjoy it for what it is and then be refreshed ready to jump straight back in when it’s required! You too Sophie, enjoy your Monday! xx

      • EXACTLY. I love this idea xxx

  • This is my eternal dilemma as well! I think you just need to schedule both, I always schedule a super lazy, never going to leave my bed weekend at least once a month – then try and keep the others filled and busy. I also try and take into account the week, if I’ve been out heaps in the evenings then a quiet weekend is deserved! Totally agree a 3 day weekend is needed!!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • SO GLAD i’m not the only one!!! Yes this is such a good idea. Going to look through my diary later and try and plan weekends like that dependent on how busy I am in the week xxx

  • My god, this! I’m always like ooh I’ll go out and have cocktails and be post, but then end up raging with a hangover that lasts until wednesday. Then if I just sit in my pjs all weekend ordering takeaways and eating Haribo, then I feel like I’ve wasted my weekend when I could be exploring the world and broadening my horizons. Lose lose really, isn’t it? Loved this post!

    Pretty Mad Things .. xo

    • hahahahh exactly the struggle is real. Oh so glad you enjoyed it my dear xxx

  • I feel this. Weekends feel like gold dust; you have to make use of them properly or the guilt is enormous. Although the thought of spending every weekend hungover no longer has any appeal for me, I have to admit.

    Rachel |

    • Absolutely Rachel! The monday morning regret is the worst thing ever xxx

  • mmmm scrambled eggs and crumpets are my ultimate fave. you’ve made me hungry now!

    I say you find the balance, have a relaxing weekend doing nothing but watch netflix, and then the following weekend make some plans. Or one day on and one day off. That’s what I do, anyway!

    • I REALLY WANT SCRAMBLED EGGS THIS MORNING. Why do we have to work? What is life……
      I love this idea of balancing busy and relaxed – trying to do that more now!! xxx

  • Laura

    The eternal dilemma! If you ever work it out, please let me know :)

    Laura x |


    • hahahha BRUNCH SOLVES EVERYTHING!! thanks so much for all your lovely comments Laura xxx