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Jk. But seriously Cosmo what were you playing at? Just not cool.

Anyway back to real business. These days I’m basically a hermit who spends her Monday morning bus journeys trying to think of the most exciting things that I’ve done over the weekend to share with my colleagues that don’t include; washing my bed sheets, having a bath with 3 bath bombs (what a time to be alive) and watching back to back Netflix whilst dropping subtle hints to bed-partner to bring me Supernoodles in bed.

As part of this new found adulthood I also have a new found appreciation for homeware. You know, home stuff, the blankets, and copper trinkets and scented Diptique candles of this world.

The stuff you used to curse your mum for being so boring and spending money on instead of a one-way flight to Ibiza instead, cause YOU knew what life was all about.

Well now you’re one of them.We might be generation rent, but that doesn’t mean we won’t redecorate with the enthusiasm of Kirstie Allsopp knocking down partition walls whilst we’re doing it. You go candle shopping.

As they say, if you can’t beat ’em join ’em. So I thought I’d share the best of my new found home loves…




Amanda Banham Ceramics

I have the upmost respect for Amanda, mainly because last weekend I did a pottery workshop and discovered just how ridiculously hard it is to try and make a lump of clay into something that someone might want to put on their mantlepiece rather than just a misshapen pile of mud and water… (ahem).

Amanda’s plates are affordable and covered in dogs – my Jack Russell bowl was a present and I just think anyone who receives such a gift could only help but be overwhelmed with gratitude.

Just look at how cute.


I never even knew that Esprit had a homeware collection – you learn something new every day.

I am currently in the process of trying to talk myself down from clicking ‘buy’ on the full shopping basket I have squirrelled away on Esprit.

I know by telling you what it contains I am only facilitating my purchases – I mean would you ever tell a girl NOT to buy a copper decorative bowl (obvs an essential), a waffle-texured blanket (THINK OF ALL THE SLEEPOVER PARTIES) and a throw made of cashmere? Uhuh I think not.

Thanks for helping a girl out.


Habitat reminds me of being that age where I thought decorating your home was as worthwhile as going out to town and not being allowed to pay a visit to Tammy Girl.

I mean I might as well just stay home and cry into my pillow listening to S Club 7  on repeat because life is cruel and Tammy is life.

Turns out, Habitat is great, Tammy Girl had to go into administration and S Club broke up, sooooo we all know who won there.

I’m already considering buying a Big Yellow Storage container to hold all the soft furnishings I want from Habitat but can currently not fit in my flat…I am all about their Brecan grey wool rug and the Hadleigh white marble door stop.

Although if you stub your toe, you’re probably going to come off worse there…


 In case you haven’t read my Brighton guide (IF NOT, WHY NOT) then you might have lived your whole life without ever encountering the wonder that is Workshop.

Providing all of your white minimalist Scandi homeware needs, they have a wonderful combination of kitchen and bathroom products, not to mention CANDLES – let’s play a drinking game with the word candles, I promise the bottle of wine will be gone by the end of this post  – and other things you never knew you needed, which is obviously essential from a fabulous shop.

In an ideal world I’d just live in their Brighton shop, you know sleep under the counter and just lap up the eternal supply of beautiful objects.

Also you don’t need to go to Brighton to shop at Workshop, just use – my favourite place to see all homewares together.


Turpentine is a new love, since I moved to Brixton, it’s a tiny little shop that sells lots of things with Pugs on (important).

But more than that, it is the best place to buy affordable prints to decorate your walls – a cactus here, a funny meme there.

So far I have managed to buy the prints but haven’t quite yet got them on to the walls.

Oh well, no one said becoming an adult meant I had to get it all right first time round….

What are your favourite places to shop for homewares or do you think we are all boring and should spend our money on Jagerbombs instead?

  • I really love that dog plate, so cute! Makes me want to find some nice home decor for my place. Have a nice day :)

    • Awww thanks Eden – it is a lovely plate :) Yes I love home decor now! xxx

  • Anoushka

    Great post, and I love all these gorgeous bits! Definitely need to check out Turpentine next time I’m in Brixton, pugs make everything better (although I did first read that as plugs, and thought you were just really keen for plugs haha)!

    Anoushka Probyn – A London Fashion Blog

    • Thank you so much Anoushka! Glad you loved it :) where abouts do you live? hahahahaha I do love a plug ;)xxx

  • Sophie Smith

    Haha I love this post so much! Tammy Girl and S Club 7 were my life when I was a kid. I wish we had a Turpentine here. It sounds amazing and how cute is that little doggy plate?!

    • Thank you Sophie! So glad you enjoyed it :) xxx

  • Your place is so lovely! And that dog plate is just about the cutest thing ever. Thanks for sharing; great post! :)

    • Awww thank you!!!! My pleasure – glad you enjoyed :)xxx

  • Loving the style of your blog <3
    Ivy xo

    • Thanks so much Ivy that’s very kind Xx

  • Nice article! ♡

    ♡ Nature photos ♡

  • Josie

    That Cosmo article was just confusing! So bad. Anyway I NEED that plate because it’s just too cute. And I had no idea Esprit did homeware, they have some really lovely things x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

    • It was terrible! Not even funny! Yes they have lovely cheap bits xxxx

  • thestylecrusader

    Lovely home pictures! Always looking for new inspiration and home shops!

    p.s. that Cosmo article is ridiculous! Though…. probably partially true.


    • Thank you so much – I really appreciate you taking the time to read and leave some comments :) hahah I know the Cosmo article was so strange!! xxx

  • haha loved reading this and re: cosmo article. number one is SO true! I’ve had to change my entire blog name to stop exes from reading ma shiz x

    • So glad you loved it Lola!! xxx

  • Laura

    Well now I need to buy a tray don’t I! And Workshop’s herb snips..

    Laura x |

    • hahahha I need EVERYTHING. Money just gone xxx