Can Millenial Women Have It All?



We are generation Beyoncé. The millennial girls who were told you can have it all. Who run the world, you.

You don’t just have a mediocre job. You should be running a house and running for President. And raising three children on an organic farm whilst having a social life that Taylor Swift and her squad would be jealous of.

Also you should be doing all this from a beach in Bali because YOLO girl got WIFI and a hotspot and can someone deliver me a matcha chai and raw brownie plz?

And I think that in a way one of the worst things to happen to girls of our age is to be told, you can do anything.

Because it no longer means, you are capable of anything a man is capable of, it translates to – you have been given all these opportunities now you must be achieving EVERYTHING.

I cannot count the number of times I have been uncertain about which path to choose next, which opportunity to take, which dream to pursue – we are both liberated and suffocated by the fact the world is our oyster.

Yes, you can do whatever you like. But what if you like it all, what if you want to travel the world and have a job where you get to excel. What if you want a family and want to stay at work full-time?

To help the situation, social media reminds us everyday of all the opportunities we could be taking, all the parts of life we are missing, and reminds us that it’s all out there for the taking.

And in the end, I think I need to admit myself that (for now) I can’t do everything. I just don’t think I can.


Coat- Topshop (similar here)

Scarf – COS

Culottes  – COS

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Bag – Atterley Road 

  • Florentina Scusi

    Awesome long coat!

    • Thank you so much Florentina! Glad you liked it :) xxx

  • Firstly this outfit is impeccable girl. Secondly I completely agree with what you are saying – never in my life have I felt more confused about what I should be doing and where I should be going in my life career wise than I do now. But then, then I think about how happy I am, married with our house and realise I’m right where I want to be. No glossy magazine is gonna make me feel I should be aiming for the stars each & everyday ‘cos it just ain’t real life is it?
    Bee |

    • Aww thanks my love! i NEVER realised you were married – that is so adult of you!!!! But yes I completely agree that we are told we should be doing all of these different things and it just makes me confused……. RARGHHHH xxxxx

  • Joanna

    Saw link to your blog at hannahgale’s blog (which I follow regularly!) and after reading few posts of yours, I’m adding this blog to my regulars 😉

    • Aw thank you Joanna that is so kind of you to say – Hannah is a dream! I love her posts. So glad you’ll be reading – do you follow on Bloglovin’? xxxxx