12 Hours In Brixton





As you may have guessed, bed-partner and I have set up permanent residence in London for the time being – South London nonetheless, which is a big step for a girl who has always been North of the river.

We decided that whilst the Caribbean and Milwaukee (ALSO just started Making A Murderer and didn’t realise it was set in my beautiful Wisconsin which made me very nostalgic) were great and all that, it’s nice to be close to home for a while. So I thought I needed to give you a formal introduction to my new digs, Brixton.

Federation Coffee – Brixton Village

Unless you are under twelve years old or happen to have some sweet life set up where you get ten hours sleep a night (if so, gimme your deets we need to talk) you’re going to need a little caffeine to get you started of a morning. And I fully recommend Federation Coffee in Brixton Village, although it is as popular as you can imagine, like bum fights for tables. But where’s the fun in not fighting for your coffee? Go fancy and get Matcha (great for the Instagram) or just be basic and have all the pastries because it’s January and girl gotta maintain that December bod.



Brixton Cornercopia

Then because I have the mind of a middle-aged woman having a mid-life crisis with the John Lewis homewares catalogue but still paid the equivalent of a week’s pocket money because I’ve dedicated my like to a skill that no one sees fit to pay (OH JOURNALISM) I need to go and torment myself by looking in Cornercopia.

This shop makes me do things like convince myself that extending my overdraft to buy a blanket is a great move – I mean just THINK of the Saturday morning bed-in-breakfast potential of that badboy. Or if I’m feeling really wild I’ll buy a few candles (which obviously I have to light in secret when bed-partner leaves the house because he complains about the perfumed scent. WHAT. A. GIRL.)

Once I’ve thoroughly bankrupt myself buying unnecessary throws and scented wax, you will be really getting the shopping bug.


Khan Beats, Brixton Village

So I advise you move on to Khan Beats, luckily you really aren’t moving very  far, all of these places are within a few paces of each other (thank me later for your January figure).

Khan Beats is full of pom-pom embroidered bags, that make me feel like I go on holiday far more than my bank balance agrees is healthy. It also has THIS jacket (see above) that I am certain I will one day summon up the courage to buy. I mean, it’s covered in coins and just the dreamiest thing ever.

Haven’t full developed my strategy for smuggling it into the house without being bombarded about questions about it’s functionality yet….I’m working on it. There is also a STACK of silver jewellery and wonderful rings here, which just make me wanna have a 2005 revival and wear 25 bracelets at once.


Turpentine, Coldharbour Lane

Turpentine I stumbled upon by accident because I was lost (lie. I was actually following a WONDERFUL Patterdale terrier and it led me here).

They do the best birthday cards (always an essential millenial requirement of any shop. No Clintons you are so fugly), wrapping paper and they also have nice crockery with funny animals and great pug prints. What more does a girl require from a shop?

I believe they also host drawing and wine drinking workshops, which I mean, just sounds like heaven. Anyone game?




Honest Burger, Brixton Village

One of my New Years Resolutions was to be vegetarian four days a week, but as you can see that’s going really well…ahem. I know Burgers are ‘so 2014’ and we’re all meant to be eating black pudding brunch and whatevs else (yeh losers avocado is making a swift exit stage left) but give.a.damn burgers are just always my number one.

And Honest wins out of the lot (mainly because it’s walking distance from home so it’s not too implausible to get someone to wheelbarrow me out of there after I get over zealous with the ordering) BUT ALSO because they do the best chips ever. No words I use can do these things justice. They are just potato sticks of heaven. And everyone must make it their mission to get some in their mouth before 2016 is over.



Ritzy Cinema

Then because you’ve worked so hard today obliterating your bank account, why not go and recline at the Ritzy? They serve amazing food and beers and are one of those fancy old-time cinemas where you get to sit on proper reclining sofa seats and everything. It’s just all the feels and when its’ raining outside you have no reason to feel guilt above moving from bed to a cinema sofa and back to bed again. Promise.

  • Ritzy Cinema sounds fab! The cinema where I live is so modern, something nostalgic like this would be so much nicer. Also the food at Honest Burger looks amazing!

    Great post. :)

    The Mouse Chick Blog ♡

    • If you ever get a chance to come and visit you would love Honest Burger! And the Ritzy – definitely worth a trip :)


  • Ah yay I love Brixton! I used to live down the road in Streatham Hill. Definitely try Negril which is between Brixton and Streatham, I love the mexican place in Brixton village and the Okonomiyaki pancake place. So good!!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • No wayyyy that is SO STRANGE you say that because I have been living there since the beginning of December and not been to Negril yet and then tonight made plans to go – it’s fate :) Thanks for the recommendation my love! xxx

  • megsiobhan

    Gorgeous pictures!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

  • I’ve always wanted to visit Brixton, I think after reading this post and envying your amazing pictures I will haha ♥


    • So glad you liked the pictures and definitley let me know if you decide to visit :) xxx