New Year’s Resolutions






So here we are. January 4th. Arguably the most depressing day of the year.

In fact last night was apparently the evening most likely to have couples up and down the country arguing with each other – a combination of pre-returning-to-work-angst, January blues, having checked your Christmas credit card bills (uhuh so cute) and him just having ate the last of the Stilton cheeseboard, WHICH YOU SO HAD ALREADY PUT DIBS ON. Men.

Anyway. Promise I’m not projecting.

Finding ourselves at the beginning of a new year, it is a time when annoying people like PR’s, school career advisors and Jane from accounting have a free pass to tell you that you should be becoming a brand new version of yourself who loves kale and the gym and shits all over that worthless person you were last year.

Wicked. Can’t wait. So when will she be turning up?

And that’s the thing. It’s not that I don’t agree with new years resolutions, nor that I want to disparage or patronise anyone who has set them for themselves. In fact this is probably the first year I haven’t done so as well.

I remember vividly deciding at the ages of 13,14,15,16 and probably 17 and beyond if we’re completely honest, this is the year I’ll lose weight and by this time next year I’ll be so happy with myself and my life.

Obviously it never happened, I mean hello I’m sat here eating Christmas pudding on 3 January. Yep, my life is so together.

Failing at resolutions which were unrealistic, and ultimately not making my life better, left me feeling  awful bout myself.

I love the idea of creating goals and working towards them, it’s important to measure and reflect on your progress because we are all guilty of being our own harshest critic. But add things to my life, rather than punishing myself and trying to become a different person.

At the end of the day I was a perfectly fine human being last year. We all were. I mean perhaps I could have done with not deleting My Fitness Pal three times, but all in all I tried hard, I worked hard, I was a good friend, a good girlfriend (most of the time…), had goals that I worked towards, achieved many of them and did some damn good things.

And if I could do the same again this year I should be pretty damn proud. Bring it on 2016!

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Top – Topshop

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  • Josie

    Look at those silver space boots! I love them. I think there is way too much pressure to be a whole new human come January when really you’re right – we’re probably just fine as we are! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

    • Aww thank you so much Josie :) xxx

  • Love this post! I do like to create “resolutions,” but they’re vague, and it helps to remember that there’s a whole year to accomplish what you want. It’s not all going to happen immediately. I love this look as well! Those boots, wow!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

    • Thank you Amber! Glad you enjoyed :) yes definitely that’s a really good way to look at it :) xxx

  • Sheridan Grady

    Your photos are so lovely! I agree with not being too harsh our ourselves, making resolutions usually just end up making me feel guilty by the end of January because i’ve already messed it up! But I always like to have a few ideas of what I want out of the year x

    • Thank you so much Sheridan that is very kind of you :) yes I completely agree it’s about what to get out of the year rather than what to punish yourself for doing – such a good way of looking at it! x

  • NO WAY DID YOU START LIKE THAT ITS MA BDAY! Well, was anyway. You have the most beautiful photos can i just say for the 1000000000000q94204583453459834985 time. Also, I absolutely adore the way you write because you make me snort laugh from reading a screen. You are fabulous fo sure and don’t let anyone else say otherwise. However I’m afraid to say I’m going to be one of those people getting back into gym and shit because all this comfy eating has taken. its. toll. Time to be a sassy young individual! HNY xxxxxx


    • THANK YOUUUUUU always appreciate a good photo comment 😉 hahah thanks I’m glad someone else doesn’t just think I’m completely bonkers. Always a bonus. If the gym makes you feel better about yo’self then I’m all for it – I just didn’t like the guilt aspect I had 😉 YOU DO YOU. Hope you had a fab birthday xxx