Should I Stop Blogging?


Rather disappointingly in recent weeks I’ve begun to wonder whether this is the end of my blogging life.

Whether I should pack away the WordPress, stop devoting time to it and resign it to the ‘it was fun while it lasted’ filing cabinet (also filled with things I miss less, ex-boyfriends, exams and pre-25-years-old hangovers).

They (internet forums and someone’s grandma) always say about relationships, once you’ve started questioning whether you should be in it, it’s basically the beginning of the end anyway.

Of course when you find yourself questioning whether to draw a line under something, you think about why you first began it and whether it’s fulfilled that purpose.

For me, when I truly began blogging (as in full time rather than just passively curtain-twitching from the sidelines reading everyone elses and actually contributing) was little over a year ago.

Although it might not sound like long I was at a completely different stage of my life, living abroad, away from the home, the culture and the hobbies I loved, and away from the job I wanted to be doing.

My blog was my little way of having a piece of independence, teaching myself new skills, meeting new friends and the ultimate expression of British me, a slice of the life I wanted in my world which felt very distant from home.

Blogging really threw me a lifeline when I needed one.

But that is no longer the case. I am now doing a job I love and fully immersed in the culture, experiences and the people that I longed for so much.

So in that way, do I need blogging anymore?

Also as a consequence of being home and having all these things spare time is no longer exactly throwing itself about waiting to be filled and as such I keep seeing writing posts as a chore that needs to be completed. And if ship is sinking I want to at least have the decency to dump it face to face rather than via Skype (we don’t want anything else in that filing cabinet with that ending thanks boyfriend of 2007).

But perhaps this is a blip? Perhaps I’ll change my mind and come March I’ll long for my platform to rant and speak in incoherent sentences and pose like I’m Gigi Hadid again.

Or maybe it’s outlived it’s purposed. Served it’s dues and time to move on?

I know I wouldn’t ever want this to be my full-time job either, I’m too much of a sucker for office gossip and would eat my body weight in mince pies if left alone at home, so it’s easy to ask long-term what’s the point? Where is this all leading?

But I have undoubtedly had so many experiences that I am under no illusion, would never have happened without this little domain. Perhaps even my job now wouldn’t have been so tangible without this platform. It’s easy to dismiss it when it doesn’t feel necessary right now, but perhaps I would ultimately be doing all my hard work a disservice.

So, really, it’s not you blog, it’s me. But perhaps it’s time we both moved on with our lives?

  • DON’T YOU DARE! I’d miss your posts too much :) x

    • Hahahah awww that’s so sweet!! And if that is true then I may have to reconsider ;)xxx

  • Please don’t! (I mean, if it’s what you want don’t listen to me but still…) I love your posts and it would be terrible to see you leave blogging. You could always keep it on the back burner and come back to it later if you fancy it again. Sounds like you’re doing really well and are really happy in your job and place right now, but I reckon blogging will always teach you new things, about yourself and other stuff, no matter whether you’re looking to learn or not. I understand that with other priorities and spare time diminishing it can be a difficult hobby to keep up with, but it’s also a hobby that you could always come back to if you decide you miss it!

    JosieVictoriaa // // Lifestlye, Travel and Fashion

    • Aw Josie this is such a lovely comment and really appreciated! It does make me want to continue blogging when people say that they really love reading them and enjoy my posts :) really this is such a nice comment – thank you for taking the time to write it! xx

  • Hayley

    I think in a world of ‘full time career bloggers’ the fact that you don’t do this as a full time job (or want it to be your job) is really unique and refreshing – why does it have to be ‘leading’ anywhere? Maybe this is what makes your blog so great – you’re not chasing the attention/collabs that will allow you to do this full time. Just because it isn’t your entire life doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing – are there ever things you can’t write about in your job but want to, and so here is a place to do so? I have no insight really..I have a very different career..but just a thought!

    • Hayley, thanks for such a lovely thoughtful comment – really much appreciated. I really like your view that not trying to make your blog ‘something’ actually is much better in the long term (and ironically probably makes it more likely that it would be something!!) because you do it for the love rather than for the consequences. Really interesting comment – thank you!xxx