It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year



I’m not going to pretend this is a monthly favourites, because as we all know, my distinct lack of time and general blogging prowess these last few months means we haven’t seen any favourites since at least August (soz).

But in a wayyyyy these things are all the components of what makes winter my favourite season of the year (I know, so kill me) so really they kinda do count. Am I right?

For me winter is all about hibernation, I don’t like the rain and the cold either you know, I just love how it removes any guilt about being a lazy social hermit and wanting to spend Friday night in bed eating a week’s worth of advent chocolate and listening to Taylor Swift wondering what it would take to look like her in that Wildest Dreams video (note, probably stop with the chocolate you glut).

And in order to do successful Friday night in, you need stacks of candles (you have to have at least enough that is annoys your bed-partner every time you bring another home), books that you may or may not ever read but house guests think you’re a Charles Dickens fangirl, tins of Christmas biscuits and the biggest duvet the world ever did see.

Now all I’m missing is …… whisper it, or else you might jynx it and never enjoy life AGAIN… I’m not feeling that Christmassy.


So I already tried watching Elf, listening to the Buble Christmas album, wearing festive badges (guinea pig in a paper hat if you must know), putting up the Christmas tree (two in fact), buying presents, fighting the crowds on Oxford Street (essential festive tradition), buying mistletoe (this only lead to an unfortunate event with a man in a disabled toilet in Brixton Costa) and STILL. STILL I don’t even have the elated joy in my heart.

I bloody hope this isn’t a sign of old age. If so, I want a refund.

Candle – Selfridges

Cashmere Socks (currently 20% off) – The The White Company

Biscuits – c/o Biscuiteers




  • Last year I didn’t feel Christmassy either, and I hate to tell you this, but the feeling didnt event arrive on Christmas day. BUT this year I am full of the festive joy! Maybe it alternates? Please do a post like this next year and I will comment again with updates on this theory.


    Shot From The Street

    • Oh nooooo don’t tell me this! I’m worried i’m getting old and losing the magic forever!!! I HOPE IT ALTERNATES. Otherwise I’m doomed :((((((Xxxxx

  • I need snow to feel Christmassy and so far no snow…
    I hope it snows this Christmas!

    Made in Mauve

    • I completely agree!! I keep seeing all these reports that it is meant to snow in England and I’m like WHERE is it?!!!