Party Season Skin



I am definitely not a make-up girl, as I’ve said before I have been doing the same routine since I was about fifteen years old and I’m never sure if people look at me like BABES GET A MIRROR. Or I’m kind of getting away with it. It’s been a decade and no one has said anything too scathing yet so fingers crossed we’re getting away with it.

But for Christmas I do always think let’s push the boat out!!!!!!  and I normally opt for a berry MAC lip affair and then something glitzy on the eyes (I said push the boat out, not revolutionise make-up looks) so I’ve been using the products above.

Alternating between the smokey colours of the Gucci palette, which FYI is so sassy BUT I’m eternally worried I’m going to drop it and smash into a million tiny pieces, and the YSL bronzed colour which makes me feel like a nineties raver in Pacha.

Due to my rather, let’s say demanding skin, I do take a much more active approach to my winter skincare. I switch from Dermalogica Cleansing Gel, which is fairly drying but I can just about to get away with it in the summer. Then the central heating goes on and my face has a hissy fit. Nice one.

I also completely rate the Aesop resurrection cream, which I slather here then and everywhere. Legs when I do a emergency shave, face when I’m drunk and forget which moisturiser is meant to go where and hands the rest of the time.

Cleanser – Liz Earle

Hand cream – Aesop

Quad Eye Palette – Gucci

Highlighter  – Topshop

Bronze Eyeshadow – YSL

Dark Eyeshadow – Clarins

White Eyeshadow – MAC