Lacoste SS16 Press Day





Easily recognised by their classic crocodile motifs Lacoste is a brand that has been around for a fairly solid eighty years. A high-end company producing luxury products inspired by an elegant sport.

I had my first (notably uncool) encounter with the brand in about Year 7 when I splashed all my cash on ‘Touch of Pink’ – you remember in the ombre fuchsia bottle? I used to keep it in my locker for top-ups between class – FYI went to an all girls school just probs wanted to really impress my Geography teacher or something. It smelt so sickly sweet but you felt like Kendall Jenner fresh out of an advert.

Then there was the 2007 dabbling in polo shirts. You remember when Myspace kids combined a polo shirt with a H&M skirt and about 24 intricate layers of plastic beads? Yep. So fly. WHY did Sienna Miller make us all wear hip belts?!! Just no.

So Lacoste may not always be synonymous with stylish in my personal history but after visiting the press day last Thursday at the (AMAZING) Sanderson Hotel penthouse – seriously the lifts are decorated like outer space and you feel like you’re in a spaceship –  2016 seems like the year that is all going to change.

Their new collection for Spring nods to the past and is all inspired by the tennis court. With clean lines, texture inspired by tennis rackets and polo shirts, and function never being sacrificed for fashion, these are all things I can get on board with.

My favourite is undoubtedly the 90’s inspired Agadel trainer – with the chunky white sole and the Nike-esque shape, they will work with everything from black peg-leg trousers to jeans and dungarees (AKA, my whole wardrobe).

The trainers feel modern but without having lost the connection with the legendary brand – the crocodile is still about, they even served up crocodile Haribo sweets (which was my Thursday-night dinner) but they are more discreet and grown-up.

They’ve also got us covered for the whole of high summer with a small but well-rounded collection of sandals – Birkenstock style slip-ons and sporty velcro heels. Basically they are super sassy and I want them all. This Christmas list is just getting longer by the second…

c/o Lacoste