Social Media Seasons






Whilst my love affair with social media is 98% responsible for draining my 3G every month, wasting so many hours that I could have been learning to speak Arabic, code a website so I can join MI5, solving world hunger, or generally just giving my eyes a rest from the constant screen-assault. Not to mention all the other terrible things that it has introduced to my life (Justin Bieber naked on a boat etc.)

It has also made me become SO MUCH more in tune with all the exciting things that are going on in the world, celebrations, seasons, peoples and ideas.

And whilst I had sensed this change for a while, I feel like this Halloween was the first time it’s been truly palpable.

In 2015 for the first time (actually that’s a lie there was a weird moment in 2009) I have bought pumpkins (1 proper and 3 which claimed to be but I’m pretty sure they were rogue squashes), taken a lot of pictures of rotting leaves, decorated biscuits as skeletons, dressed up, made plans to see lots of friends and generally made the absolute most of the season.

And I can already feel it happening for Christmas.

This year social media has made me try harder to appreciate all the different parts of the year, all the great celebrations and occasions through out the year. And not just because I want to upload a great picture at the end.

But because I don’t think I ever realised before how much there is to celebrate – all the fantastic things we can do, eat, decorate until Pinterest and Instagram have shown me how much beauty there is out there to seize! (If this sounds pathetic to you, then that’s fine, but I think if you really think about it you’ll agree that having so much at our fingertips does mark a different phase in the things we chose to partake in).

Previously all of our exposure to other people’s celebrations around the world would have been limited to Facebook albums from people we used to go to school with, dressing their baby up as a pumpkin and drinking Cactus Jacks at someone’s house.

Not to mention these photos would all appear after the event, once the occasion had passed and enthusiasm was waning.

And these rarely ever made me think I WANT TO JOIN IN (maybe just gave me FOMO that the boy from the year above still didn’t want to invite you to his parties ten years later).

But social media now is all about the build up, the preparation, the spirit of the season. Taking in all the mundane parts of that (the food, the costume selection, the changing weather).

Obviously I’m not ignorant to the fact that what we see on social media – the costumes we should buy, the decorations we should put up, are there to make money for advertisers. To convince us our Autumn will be the worst thing ever if we don’t spend money on pumpkin spiced lattes.

But you know what I’m willing to take that because it means that I’m able to enjoy the seasons to their absolute fullest. To appreciate the changing of the seasons and all the exciting things to look forward to that come with it.

So thanks social media for showing me just how freakin’ amazeballs Autumn is and reminding me go out and make the most of it.

Coat – Zara

Jumper – Topshop

Trousers – Topshop

Trainers – &OtherStories

Necklace – Monica Vinader

Ginger hair – all mine

  • I hear ya – I actually went for a run yesterday just because the weather was so beautiful and I wanted to enjoy it (and get a few snaps of course!). Without the lure of Instagram I almost certainly wouldn’t have even got dressed.

    Sophie Cliff

      Also you run for Instagram? It’s bascially as healthy as a smoothie xxxxx

  • (P.S. Love your trainers! x)

  • Olivia Grace

    Amen girl! I feel exactly the same (also love your outfit, obvs) xxx

    • WOOP WOOP. Justifying our addiction one step at a time.
      Thanks for reading you little superstar xxxxx

  • First of all, I need that coat in my life. It looks so flipping snuggly and cute and warm. Also, I totally feel this same vibe about social media. I’ve loved the build up to Halloween this year! I hope your Halloween dinner party went well!! xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • I’m going to go through and reply to each of these comments because you are too adorable not to. Yes Halloween dinner party was so fab thank you!! Lots of sugar :) How was your weekend? xxx

      • Awwww!!!! Sending lots of love. I worked all weekend but, I went to the KISS Haunted Halloween Party last thursday which was fun! xxx

      • Oh yes I saw your make-up! Looked fab!! I put on some fake blood on my cheek on Saturday night and its’ not come off yet!! Stupid stuff doesn’t seem to be removable?!! Looks great at work….. xxx

  • I have to say i did rather enjoy everyones pumpkin pics! great post

    Hannah at HNNHVNBLS

  • I’m totally with you on this! I often think about life pre Instagram…like you say it was just Facebook albums of drunken nights out and baby photos. I love Instagram for making me see past the drivel on Facebook and appreciating smaller things in life, I can already feel the build up to Christmas on social media and I can’t wait for all the pictures that are on their way…ALL THE FOOD PICTURES! x

    • Yes Brittany!! I’m so glad someone agrees with me and you don’t all think me sad because social media shows me more inspiration in the world than I saw before!! xxxx