Happy 1 Birthday





Bring out the Prosecco, pump up the Taylor Swift, invite all the boys you fancy and then ignore them and don’t talk to any of them because WE’RE HAVING A PARTY GALDEM!!!!!

It was just about 365 days ago that I decided to re-start this little blog of mine – I know my archives say I’ve been here longer – but in it’s current reincarnation where I create content on a regular basis and content that I love – rather than content I’m like wah why can’t I operate a camera – I also had a horrible phase where I wanted SO MUCH to post outfit photos because that’s my jam but I felt too narcissistic and so just skirted around it for months – WKD.

So yes there’s a newsflash for you all, even if you all hate what I’m putting up here, I love it. So there’s that to bear in mind on a depressing day when I’ve got 1 unique visitor (i.e. me checking the internet didn’t break).

It’s so weird thinking back to this time last year when I was living in the Caribbean (I know, what.), speaking Spanish, going to the beach all the time and flying to America for work like a girl boss. WHO WAS THAT PERSON?

And a year on, whilst I can’t help but feel the time has disappeared so quickly, also I know that so much has happened and been achieved in a year. New job, new country (oh yeah and fitted Chicago in there too), new friends and new experiences. And one consistency through it all – this little blog.  And if that’s not worth a party balloon I don’t know what is.


So everyone, round to mine ASAP. I’m into buffets so everyone bring a plate (preferably cheese fondue or smores) and we can #Netflixandchill all night long. Yeah you heard me right. You little hotties.

Congratulations and good wishes will gladly be accepted on the back of napkins.

Jumper – Alexander Wang

Suit – Topshop (similar here)

Shoes – Office (similar here)

  • Congrats on one year, so cool! Also, I really love this look, really great suit.

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

    • Awww thank you Amber – always so nice to see your comments popping up :) x

  • Congrats! I love my blog for the same reason as you – it’s my constant, where I can document all the little weird and wonderful things that go on in my life.

    May you continue blogging for many more years!

    Sophie Cliff

    • Thank you Sophie – you always leave such little comments! You are part of the reason I love blogging! xx

  • Lissy Hayes

    Congratulations honey! It’s such an amazing achievement continuing blogging for a year :) Totally in love with your Toyshop suit too.

    love, lissyhayes.co.uk

    • Aww thank you so much Lissy – I was loving your blog earlier!


    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

    • WHICH DAY?!!!! Are you here for Whistles?!!!!! xxxxx

      • YASSS are you going?!?!?! xxxx

      • You betcha!! And Brittany is going too! What time?? I wont’ be around till like 5.15 xxx

      • Awww no probably the morning ‘cos I wanted to get the train home mid afternoon. NOOOOO! xxx

      • Bloody job getting in the way!! Will you be around for lunch? Xx

  • Happy first blog birthday!!

    Ashleigh x


    • Thank you Ashleigh!!xx

  • Happy blog birthday!!!!! yayyyyy

    Amy | http://smoothamy.blogspot.co.uk/

    • Thank you Amy!!!! It’s very exciting :)Xxxx

  • Good day!
    Much I enjoyed meeting your blog , fell in love with the look and the photos were wonderful .
    I am finding that it is very stylish , you have a beautiful view and is full of useful information.
    I have been following , you could follow too?
    Kisses from Brazil!!


    • Awww thank you Kenya and thanks for reading my blog!xxxx

  • CB

    Happy first blog birthday!! I can’t wait til i can have my 1st – 100% copying you and getting a balloon. I’ve just stalked you backwards and read some of the old posts – they’re still so good! FYI, if you get a notification from a post 234782456984 days ago, it’s because I’ve clicked through them all!

    CB x

    • Hey!!! Thanks so much for reading all my blog posts – so glad you’ve enjoyed them enough to keep going back through the archives :) how long have you been blogging? xxxx

      • CB

        I’ve only really been going for 2 full months, but need to get better at making time for editing photos and writing content, rather than just throwing everything up! I’m really enjoying the techie side of it too, changing formats and colours and adding widgets and coding your own (I think I’m a geek at heart haha).
        CB x

      • Sorry I’ve only just seen this comment! Even after a year of full-time blogging I still struggle to make time for editing photos and writing content too – it takes forever! Best of luck xxx

  • Ashleigh

    Happy 1st Birthday! Have a wonderful weekend xxx


    • Awww thank you Ashleigh and thanks for reading my blog!xxxx

  • Coco Cami

    Happy blog birthday what a milestone, congratulations :) !!

    Camille xo


    • Awww thank you Camille and thanks for reading my blog!xxxx

  • Happy birthday to your blog!

    Love it!

    Jabeen x


    • Thank you Jabeen!! xxx

  • You’re so flipping cute. HAPPY BELATED 1ST BIRTHDAY. I love love love your blog and never want it to go. Here’s to another year xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • That is honestly one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my blog!! I shall keep writing just for you ;)xxxxx