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So I rarely go in for a personal post but I get 95% of my blog-reading-enjoyment from being nosey and finding about other people’s lives. Don’t pretend you guys don’t do this too – I see those stats – I know how much you love an About Me page.

In fact my favourite hobby is Googling the LinkedIn pages of people I went to school with who work in my field and are doing better than me – classic. So anyway I thought I’d do a little catch up and tell you what’s ‘appening over here.

So basically let’s start from right now and work backwards. Soooo not gonna be coy, but. I GOT A NEW JOB. Anyone else who is familiar with the front page of Gorkana (stop sending me so emails you are not treating me mean and keeping me keen guys) will know what sweet relief it is when someone finally says yeah okay I’ll pay you to write about Olivia Colman’s pregnancies and 19 things you only know about Halloween with kids on the reg.

I can finally call myself a journalist. THANK HECK. After years of freelancing, bit here, bit there, it never felt quite fair to give myself a proper name badge. But now I am officially the proud parent of Digital Content at Good To Know magazine. Nailed it.

I know so many of you reading this cannot relate/probably care about the path I have stumbled/fallen off/got back on towards this job. But to fill you in (Craig David) I have worked at a lot of different places – Stylist, The Sunday Times, Daily Express, LOOK magazine, ya know the list goes on. But none of them ever fancied keeping me long-term (like a puppy you want to give back after it stops being cute).

Whilst stumbling around trying to find my legs, like a newborn fawn, felt tiresome a lot of the time, with hindsight I’m really glad that is the way it went. It means I have done a bit of everything – online, newspapers, magazines, features, fashion, lifestyle, celebrities, real world news – you name it, I’ve written about it. So hopefully that stands me in better stead for later on (fingers crossed).

So anyway, here I am, on the 9-5 bandwagon again and as you are all my no.1 buddies I wanted to fill you in.

If any of you are interested in advice on getting into journalism and the like, then I’d be happy to write more. As you may have gathered this post was unnatural for me and felt fairly self indulgent so let me know if you enjoyed or else I’ll shut up and just let you do your online-curtain-twitching less blatantly. Coolio.

Top – Orcival at

Dungarees – ASOS

Shoes – Superga at ASOS

  • Congratulations lovely lady – very well deserved!

    Sophie Cliff

    • Aww thank you so much Sophie – you the cutest! x

  • weareuncivilised

    Great news Sophie xx ????

    • Thank you my loves! Can’t wait to see you this week xx

  • Belle

    Congrats!!! Woo!!!
    I’ve done the rounds too….it deffo stands you in good stead….trust :)

    And yes- ain’t gonna lie- I love a nose!!

    • Awww thanks lovely – you’re a gem.
      I always meant to ask where you worked ?
      Hopefully our paths will cross at some point in the futurexxx

      • Belle

        Wow- I’m a tardy bitch (soz!)
        I’ve done Conde Nast and News Int and BBC Worldwide…safe to say none of them ever want me to cross their thresholds ever again
        (crying emoji of some sort)
        PS Hi-5 to a path-crossing sitch :))

      • You are such a well-travelled little journo. All the skillzzz. Well good luck with whatever you’re doing I’m sure you’re nailing it cause your writing is fab xxx

  • Well done on the new job! I am so excited for you :)

    Ashleigh x

    • Sorry I only just saw this comment but thank you Ashleigh that’s very kind!! xxxx

  • Congrats on the new job honey! Proud of you. Since finishing the NCTJ course I haven’t really done anything with myself and I feel like I’m stuck in a right rut. Agh. I know everyone has different paths and going about stuff but, I’d love to know your journey into journalism and any tips you have! xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • Thank you so much for all of these comments, they really do make my day. and you are always so kind, so thank you. Yes I know how it feels to be in a rut, but as I’m sure you know, everyone goes through those times and it definitely makes you a better and stronger person on the other side. Just got to ride them out sadly!! I definitley will write a post on it for you, as I know I would have appreciated it a couple of years ago :)xxxx