A Winter’s Tale







I only recently realised that some people hate winter….What? How? Do you not love Cindy Lou Who and The Grinch? Do you not want to see Kiera Knightly be told that she is perfect on her doorstep in Love Actually?

Not to mention the fires, the marshmallows, the endless knitwear and fresh air. Yes yes it might rain (a little) but Downton Abbey is back and our tears at Anna’s constant misfortune will drown out the rain.

In case you are short of Winter love then this might reinvigorate all the feels.

  1. You have a genuinely valid excuse for wanting to Netflix and Chill rather than go out and be sociable. Sorry former m8s.
  2. You can spend 30% of your salary on fine cashmere knits and legitimise it as protecting yourself against the elements (this excuse doesn’t transfer so well into summer. Trust me I’ve tried it.)
  3. You can eat 3000 calories – reasoning same as above. Which is a relief because carbohydrates are bae. Winter blubber is always necessary.
  4. Black, navy and grey are my end of the colour spectrum.
  7. Baths. Bubbles, bath oils, hot towels on the radiator (mmmm), balancing the iPad on a chair/ledge near the bath and trying to stream Home Alone. Almost knocking the iPad into the bath etc.
  8. Nigella Lawson gets about 80% more TV time. And we love Nigella and her late night fridge visits.
  9. Crisp mornings. The feeling that the air is SO fresh in your lungs and you are at one with nature.
  10. Candles. Cause I’m a basic bitch and that.
  11. Scarves. Let’s all reminisce about that time I bought a family-size living room blanket to wear as a scarf.
  12. Sheepskin Slippers – wooly clouds of cosiness that you would wear on the Central Line to work if you could get away with it. And there are none better out there than Tommy Tou – forget UGGs – these are super luxurious sheepskin in a serious of winter colours. Get yourself a pair ASAP before you have serious regrets. I’ve been wearing mine 24/7.

Now surely you can’t tell me you still aren’t excited for a little bit of winter?

Slippers – c/o Tommy Tou*

  • This is the best post. The photos are so cozy, and I’m so ready for Winter! It’s by far my favorite time of year, and I lose my mind over Christmas! Love this!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

    • Awwww thank you Amber :) so glad you enjoyed the post – it’s my favourite time of the year too xxxx

  • Point number 8 made me snort because I too love Nigella’s late night fridge visits. She is such a minx. Also carbohydrates are so bae, so so bae!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

    • YES NIGELLA – miss you my love!! We should catch up soon xxxx

  • Haha I love this list, so on point. I’m already getting wayyy too excited for winter (read: Christmas). And Nigella is definitely an integral part of the season!

    Etta xx

    • Etta!! So lovely to hear from you :) I’m so excited for Christmas too – it would be lovely for our paths to cross again xxx