In Defiance of Logic






Because I am the master of sense and rational thinking, I’ve only gone and completely defied all logic and hope of keeping warm this winter.

As we are entering the coldest season of the year (which FYI I’m freakin’ over the moon about) I decided to get rid of half my hair. I spontaneously decided to chop my mane because I don’t get out much and it’s good to surprise yourself every now and then. So that’s that.

Luckily I haven’t shaved my legs since 31 August so I’m bargaining on that offsetting the heat loss…..Keep your fingers crossed for me. Or maybe post me a hat.

Continuing in the vain of really smart moves. I’ve also decided that I should invest in dove grey suede shoes – cause they are obvs the perfect colour/material for all the dry and warm weather we’re about to be having….LOL

The most important function of having shoes is surely to protect your feet from the elements but these particular babies are basically allergic to the outside world. Which is cool of them. But they make my eyes do heart emojis. So there’s proof that you can be all beauty and no substance in this world and still get by alright.

So yeah here I am being smart and sensible and about to be completely done over by winter. Brill. Please send that hat.

Top – Topshop

Culottes – Topshop

Shoes – COS

Earrings – Missoma x Lucy Williams

Bandana – Vintage (Similar Here)

Lipstick – NARS 

  • Love this outfit!!! New hair looks babin’ <3

    Sophie Cliff

    • You are too cute. Thanks Sophie!!!xxxxx

  • I love everythaaaang going on here. Your hair looks SO fab, I also use the leg hair method every winter and it works a treat! And THOSE SHOES!!! I can see they’re sensitive little souls to the elements, but it’s totally worth it as they look uhhmaaazing!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

    • Owwww you are making me blush – glad you like! The not-shaving method is proven to be the best xxx

    • Also let’s do meet up soon with Brittany!xxxx

  • You totally rock this outfit!!! Was really lovely to meet, bake and ‘gossip’ with you about eyebrows!! haha x

    • Aw thanks lucy!! Was so lovely to meet you too. Hope you approve of my brows 😉 xxx

  • This looks fantastic! I love the shoes, and your hair looks great!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

    • THANK YOU AMBER. You always leave such lovely comments xxx

  • you look so beautiful! absolutely love your new do. thank you for leaving such sweet comments & on twitter, it honestly means a lot. i see you have a new job too? how exciting eeeeep. hope you’re enjoying it xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • Awww thank you you’re so sweet, Yes I really hope things are looking up for you? Yes I’m full time digital reporter now!xxx Thank you :)