October Shack









If you thought that Shake Shack couldn’t get any better then you just wait till you hear this.

So you know how it’s October and all – insert mad claim about how we simply CANNOT believe it is the tenth month of the year, I mean my life cannot keep moving this fast, how am I meant to be getting any life done?

So in celebration of Oktoberfest – the one with all the lederhosen  – Shake Shack have decided to ramp up the meat and beer quota on offer in their (already amazing) restaurants.

Think adding sausages and sauerkraut and deep fried shallots and BROWNIE chocolate concrete with coconut and walnuts and ALL THE CALORIES. But who cares, it’s winter now and I have a boyfriend so I’m basically resigned to my winter hibernation blubber.

So if you want to get fat like me then hurry along to Covent Garden but you better get a move on because it ends this week (not me being melodramatic about October being over already, it just ends this week. OK?)

Also just in case the pictures didn’t say it for themselves, it tasted DIVINE.

Thank you for having me Shake Shack! This post was sponsored but obvs all views my own (although I mean who doesn’t like burgers?)