Cheese Before Bedtime






In the last few weeks I have been having the most vivid dreams. Every night. We are talking the metaphorical equivalent of a whole cheeseboard before bedtime.

Please don’t do that annoying thing and ask me to tell you what they were about because obviously I don’t remember. (Well apart from those times where you dream your bed partner/closest loved ones murdered you or threw you under a bus and so you wake up with this weird sense of unease around them. Whilst they wonder why you’ve decided to eat your Weetabix at the bottom of the garden and watch them with binoculars. I seriously do not trust you people.)

A close friend, but someone who I clearly do not share similar interests with, recommended I keep a dream diary. But I’m really not into tarot readings and lunar tides and horoscopes so I figured I’d give that one a miss and use you good people as a sounding board instead.

SO. Please can someone who is smarter than me tell me if these psychedelic dreams mean I’m getting an excellent quality of sleep and should congratulate myself? Or if I am subconsciously still awake half the night and should consider investing in a new mattress/strong sleeping pills/sharper cheese knife.

Dungarees – H&M (similar here)

Shirt – Alexa Chung for AG Jeans

Trainers – Stan Smith

Earrings – Lucy Williams x Missoma

  • Ellie Adams

    You had me at cheese! Love this outfit girl, so effortlessly chic. And that shirt…. please may I borrow?! 😉


    • You can borrow my shirts any time 😉 xxxxx

  • Brittany Bathgate

    Such hair envy! x


  • Flo

    Absolutely adorable outfit!! I’m a terrible sleeper so I wouldn’t take all too much advice from me but maybe think about how you feel the following day after your dream? Are you exhausted or tired during the day, if so you may want to look at ways to improve your sleep :)

    • Thank you so much Flo!! No I am normally re-energised so maybe it is just a super deep sleep….? xxx Or I’m just ridiculously stressed (likely)

  • Thought about getting a dream book? I always head to that when I’ve had dreams that have really made me feel things. Or use DreamDictionary online! That’s just as good. Love your outfit by the way ❤️
    Bee |

    • I have heard great things about these too but I wonder if I think about it too much will it make the dreams even more vivid and then I’ll be worried they are full of meaning ARGHHHHHHHH xxxx

  • Superrrrrrr cute outfit! Especially love those trainers, I need me a pair. I’m actually suffering badly with nightmares lately, to the point where I keep shouting out in my sleep and in turn it wakes me up. Really draining! I’m considering a dream book though xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • Thank you so much my lovely!!!1
      Oh no you and me both – maybe it is something in the air?!!! xxx

  • I love this photo set! I’ve always wanted to take pictures on my bed, but it’s always unmade, and I’m just too lazy haha!

    For a while, I had dreams similar to your experience – if I was thinking about something before/in bed, say an experience with an ex, I would dream about that, though sometimes slightly altered. I could remember everything that happened, as well as alter the dream while I was still in it, if I didn’t like the direction things were going. The side effects were that I was always really tired because it didn’t feel like I was actually getting sleep, and they just stopped after a few weeks. I would say to just enjoy them while you can! It’s not too often I remember my dreams now.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

    • Thanks so much Angelina – it was nice being able to sit down for blog photos 😉 xxx

  • wow you have been having vivid dreams?! I go through periods where I have really disturbing or intense dreams and it freaks me out. my bf doesn’t know to wake me up from them or not. I can’t even imagine how yours are affecting you. I hope they stop soon! 😡


    • Thanks so much, they have stopped now actually! Xx