Investment Purchases 101








On a salary like mine (always little and often none-thanks world), spending money is not to be taken likely. Although obvs I seem to forget that every time I’m in a 5 mile radius of COS or anywhere else where they accept cash as a form of payment for delicious items. Let’s just say willpower really doesn’t feature in my skill set. 

And as I’m growing older (and wiser- like a cute owl) I’ve decided that instead of spending little and often on places like Topshop, which is such terrible quality but pretty pricey (I remember 15 year old me paid a lot less Sir Phillip Green), quality is key. Buy things that you’re gonna love forever. Not just till they stop appearing on Instagram.

But of course investment pieces that cost a month’s rent are really not to be taken lightly. So here are some top tips for avoiding all purchase guilt from now until your next pay cheque;

  1. What do you like about the item? Tell Me. Write it down. Instagram is a powerful tool and often convinces us we need something we don’t even love.
  2. Can you think of yourself wearing the item? I KNOW I KNOW. It sounds obvious. But I think often we like things objectively but it doesn’t mean they have a place in our lives. Could you wear it to work (or wherever you spend 70% of your time). Can it cope with English weather? If it doesn’t fulfil these simple things, probs best to move on babes.
  3. Does the item suit you? HOW many times have we all purchased something because we liked it rather than it liked our bodies….SO many badly shaped outfits. SORRY PEOPLE WITH EYES WHO HAD TO SEE 14-YEAR-OLD-ME.
  4. Now you’re probably spending a bit more than you usually would if this is an investment purchase. But, don’t forget, there is a difference between a luxury spend and then OH MY LIFE baked beans for the next 6 months and tears and misery. It’s just not worth it.
  5. Invest in classics. Trends come and go. (Plus Zara exists for a reason. Get in there girlfriend).
  6. Accessories are my go-to. You wear them every day and they really can make or break an outfit. For my Chloe Drew bag, cost per wear is probably less than things I’ve bought from Topshop. Almost…
  7. Make sure what you’re purchasing you couldn’t get cheaper on a website or from abroad, such as FarFetch or Vestiaire Collective. I bought my ACNE jacket from the archive in Copenhagen and it was much cheaper than it would have been in London even though Denmark is $$$ usually.
  8. And remember, it’s not all about how much you spend, but the quality of what you buy. Finery London is my new favourite place for a regular treat. Things look like COS but are much cheaper. My nirvana. And hopefully it will appease my bed-partner’s overseeing of my spending…Well for now.

Jacket (similar here) – ACNE Archive

Top – Finery

Trousers – ACNE

Trainers – Stan Smith

Earrings – Topshop

  • Belle

    I’ve ingested all this extremely sage advice- but all I can think is how amaze your trews are and how I’m gonna find the money to buy ’em!!!!!

    • Hahaha thank you my love!!! They are my favorite thing ever – they are actually from COS but I couldn’t find the link so put another. They were £89! Xxx

  • I think this is a feeling and attitude towards dressing that definitely comes with age and I couldn’t agree more with all your points and advice. I remember as a teen being addicted to Topshop and H&M, still love a bit of Zara now and then but slowly trying to ween myself off them.
    This post has definitely made me feel less guilty about the imminent COS purchases in the next few weeks [A/W stock is actually killing me].

    Can’t get over how good those trousers are, killer outfit girl! x

    • This is such a lovely and thoughtful comment Brittany – thanks so much for taking the time to write it!! Yes I’m definitely addicted to Zara too but I know long-term that spending money on better pieces really pays off :)
      Thank you my love!! Really, your comment is so appreciated xxx

  • You look so sassy in those trousers! I love. I’m a sucker for buying things because i’ve seen it on someones instagram/snapchat or reading a blogpost xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • ABSOLUTELY. Impulse blog shopping is the worst xxx