Trophy Earrings


If you have been in these parts long enough you’ll remember me talking at length about the challenge that was (aside from remembering to get dressed every day) – finding the perfect gold hoops. And then, like buses, bouts of cystitis and the Central line, three comes along at once.

Whilst I do adore my Lucy Williams x Missoma hoops and my CHANEL pearls (I feel like Julia Roberts sassing on Rodeo Drive in those bad boys), Natwest is always sending me cute messages like ‘hey bbz you had brunch and Prosecco one too many times this month and now you are a peasant. Ok.’ Also Student Loan you have no chill. Literally every time I see a postmark from Glasgow I have a heart attack.  

So I have recently had to find the perfect, cost-effective alternatives to the  classic trophy earrings. And I think, with the same level of modesty as Ian on #GBBO talking about his cream horns, I think I might just have gone and done a fantastic job of it.

My Jewellery Box gold hoops are dead ringers for my Lucy Williams hoops and they are much lighter so you don’t even realise you are wearing them (like knickers and make up, you don’t want to be aware you’re wearing earrings all day, as they swing off your lobes like a child being left at the school gate.)

And although my Happiness Boutique (who are offering free shipping at the moment) aren’t too similar to my CHANEL earrings, they are an exact replica of the Dior earrings I wanted FOREVER after seeing this picture of Emma Watson looking like a number one babe (ignore the fact that the earrings won’t actually change my face).

Gold Hoops (Top)- Jewellery Box*

Pearl Earrings (Top) – Happiness Boutique*

Or if you’re feeling flush and like you could swim in a bathtub of your bank notes and listen to P Diddy, here you go:

Gold Hoops – Missoma x Lucy Williams

Pearl Earrings – CHANEL

  • Sam

    I’ve been looking for a new pair of earrings recently and this post has definitely given me some inspiration! Obviously the Chanel pair are stunning! xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    • Aw thank you!! And I’m so glad the post was useful for you Sam :) Happy Wednesday!xxx

  • Josie Stewart

    I love everything by Missoma! Can’t wait for the new Lucy Williams collection. I really want some hoops now! x

    Josie |
    Sick Chick Chic

    • I know Lucy’s pieces are so beautiful!! Hope you’re doing well Josie xxx

  • I wish I could wear earrings, sob! those chanel ones are gorrrrrrgeous xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • Do you not have pierced ears?!! xxx

  • Love the hoops. Pretty much the only earrings I ever wear, if I’m wearing any. Both pairs here are gorgeous.


    • Thank you Shannon :) hoops are my favourite too- they always look the best xxxx