24 Hours in Madrid






8.00 – Breakfast

Having got a flight out of Stansted at 6.30am on Saturday morning, we were on the hunt for breakfast fairly early in the day. Whilst my LEON sausage muffin was delicious (ate at 10,000 feet whilst watching Don’t Tell The Bride – the traveller’s dream) but flying makes me absolutely ravenous so we needed breakfast stage II in Madrid. As we were staying in an Airbnb (as always) we scoured the areas near our apartment and found a wonderful patisserie (it’s not just the French that can make a mean croissant). We also had Churros con Chocolate – I’m on my Winter hibernation diet in case you hadn’t guessed.





10.00 – Parque Del Oeste 

After a fairly leisurely walk through the centre of Madrid – from Malasana where we were staying, down Gran Via and over to Parque Del Oeste, we managed to catch the viewpoint before the heat of the day. There is a fairly weird Egyptian temple here (a nice little gift the Spaniards managed to secure themselves) and lots of pine trees, which make the whole place smell like a delicious new car. I also had a chance to take lots of pictures of nice dogs (obvs a requirement of any day out) and take some nice couples photos so there’s that for you to all enjoy. Also, there is a mild risk that I got sunburnt even though it was cloudy #paleproblems.




12.00 – Mercado De San Miguel

It had been approximately 2 hours since our last encounter with food and I was starting to feel serious hanger. So dropped by the Mercado de San Miguel – basically the Spanish version of Borough Market – lots of delicious looking things, but they will cost you a pretty penny. Plus it’s wall to wall with tourists and it gets a bit much. So we looked but didn’t taste (although it took serious will power to do so as everything looks amazing). Just take lots of pictures instead.



13.00 – Tapas y Pintxos

OKAY I KNOW, THIS LOOKS UGLY. I almost considered not putting these pictures in here because let’s be honest, lentil soup looks fugly. But whatever, it was the best thing I ate all weekend so it deserves some recognition. Washed down with a chunk of baguette and some red wine, whilst standing up at the bar (I deserve a medal for that sort of multitasking) it makes you feel so Spanish and sassy. And that is worth a mention, even with an ugly photo. But FYI because you’re in Spain, if you thought the lentil soup was vegetarian it absolutely isn’t – they add pork to everything like it’s going out of fashion. So there’s that.




15.00 – Explore Malasana

After a serious re-fuelling we decided to walk it off by exploring the neighbourhood we were staying in. Malasana has a reputation for being the counter-cultural part of Madrid, think Shoreditch etc. It’s full of amazing buildings, art-work, graffiti and nice places to eat. Plus they hang bunting between the buildings, so what’s not to like about that? We may or may not have had more food during this segment of the day…


20.00 – Heading for a Wedding

The reason we were in Madrid in the first place! Unfortunately Spanish weddings don’t get started till at least 8 o’clock in the evening – guys calm down. And we were told they had actually moved it earlier than usual so the English people could cope a little better (so considerate, but seriously, what on earth must that bride and groom be doing all day apart from pulling their hair out?). Needless to stay we stayed up until at least 7am. Probably could have done with a little siesta beforehand rather than endless tapas…maybe next time!

  • Madrid looks amazing, I would love to visit there. Your outfit for the wedding is gorgeous.


    • Thank you so much Lyndsey! Yes it is a wonderful place, I hope you get to visit :) xxx

  • Sounds like an amazing trip! I haven’t been to Madrid before but your photos look beautiful :)


    • Aw thank you so much Eden – you always leave such lovely comments! Yes Madrid is amazing and I hope you get to visit xxx

  • This looks like such a lovely trip. The photos are wonderful!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

    • Thank you so much Amber, that is so kind and means a lot xxx

  • It looks so beautiful! Definitely on my “to visit” list!
    Sophie Cliff

    • Absolutely Sophie – such a lovely city :) hope you’re good xxx

  • Oh my goodness, that dog is absolutely adorable! I had to scroll back up to get another look at it before commenting! The rest of your photos are absolutely lovely as well (your dress is gorgeous), but I’m a such a sucker for a cute dog!

    Laura | WhatSheWroteBlog x

    • Awww thank you Laura that is so sweet :) ME TOO – I LOVE CUTE DOGS SO MUCH. I have taken so many pictures of stranger’s dogs in my lifetime….Sophie xxx

  • Wow this brings back so many memories of me visiting my brother in Spain. You also hit one of my all time favorite things… Churros con chocolate!!!! I’m almost drooling right now just seeing those words haha. I do remember eating lots of 1 euro tapas at Mercando de San Miguel though.. but then again it did add up once I ate everything haha. Love the post!!

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner

    • Where did your brother live in Spain?!! YES you cannot beat Churros – my absolute favourite. I wish it was always acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast :) xxxx

      • My brother lived in Zaragoza! It definitely took a bit of an effort to get there, but so worth it!

  • what a cuuuuuuute weekend! you’re so well travelled I’m super jel. Madrid seems like a lovely little spot, mostly because of the food obv. can’t believe how late weddings are over there – can’t imagine waiting all that time! xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • Awwww thank you my love!! :) yes I know I could not hack being up that late….I’m a bit pathetic though ;)xxx

  • Ana

    Oh! My city! I’m glad you liked Madrid! It’s great I can tell you that :p

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    Ana xxx