Sketch London, 9 Conduit Street, London

If you’ve ever watched Grand Budapest Hotel and wished your life could look like that, I have the answer.

Tucked unassumingly away behind Oxford Street, Sketch London is the weirdest place I have been in a while (and let’s remember people, I lived in Milwaukee…).

The whole place is decked out in Wes Anderson style pink crushed velvet and the first place I have been where everyone isn’t fighting to sit on the bench seat – those spinning velvet padded chairs are like sitting on a throne of dreams.

I demolished plate after plate – goats cheese with white peach and peas, Ravioli of morels with coffee and swish chard, roasted saddle of lamb and Dauphinois potatoes. MMMMM.

Also make sure you have some WIFI in this place because you will definitley be Googling some of the food. obvs. Such a pauper.

Sidenote – definitely have the half-baked haddock souffle – it is so dreamy. Unless of course you hate fish, in which case you know your own mind.

The only remaining question is – is it really pretentious and we hate it or it is just damn cool? What do you think?

Also you will have noticed I am really terrible at writing food reviews – I just like eating the stuff and occassionally taking pictures of it. But if you’ve read this far maybe you enjoyed…or maybe you were just hoping to find where I asked for advice on what to do in bed…?