The Last of the Summer Wine






I recently discovered a rather horrifying fact. If you go on to the iPhone Weather App it tells you the time of sunset.

And as you scroll through, it gets earlier by 2 minutes with every passing day. It is HIDEOUS.

So in celebration of every 2 minutes that we will have lost by tomorrow (oh my goodness I weep) let’s all wear linen, neutrals and white cotton.

I’m considering wearing mine to bed to maxmise usage before London implodes and we are all wearing cashmere from here to May 2016.

And if you don’t happen to have any white cotton in your wardrobe, firstly what have you been wearing all summer? And secondly, hurry up. Time is ticking.

Also I am NOT ginger. What is this camera wizardry?

Shirt – COS

Trousers – Topshop

Sandals – Birkenstock

Necklace – Eddie Borgo

Earrings – Lucy Williams x Missoma

  • Amber Baker

    I love this look so much, and the background is really cool!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

    • Thank you so much Amber that’s such a lovely comment :) so glad you enjoyed the post xxx

  • WHY HAVE YOU TOLD ME THIS??? I did not need to know that about the sunset – that is the true blogging nightmare. The only thing rectifying what you have just done it that shirt, which I like very much indeed. If it wasn’t for that I would fall out with you, our online friendship/mutual stalking (pls tell me it’s mutual???) would be over.

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

      And it’s so mutual girl, no worries there.xxxxx

  • I definitely didn’t need to know though it doesn’t bother me so much since summer is arriving over here. I love your look though, nothing like a casual, minimalist outfit!


    • Lucky you! Where do you live??xxx

  • Jem123

    did your feet get sore after walking all day in birkenstocks?

    • No I find they are super comfortable :) well actually, the first time I wore this pair they were uncomfortable for the day and then after that I must have got used to them! Have you had problems? xx

  • Loove these neutral colors on you!! :)

    • Thanks so much Simona xxxx

  • Noooo. Bad news for bloggers! But also good news kinda because we all love coats and knitwear. You look great, I really love that shirt! x

    Josie’s Journal

    • Bad news indeed. But YES I secretly love Winter clothes!
      Thank you so much Josie xxxx

  • Flo

    You’re shirt is adorable! I must say that although i’m slightly sad about the shorter days and long nights setting in I’m also so looking forward to wrapping up warm in cozy winter knits!
    Flo x

    • Thanks so much Flo!!! I do also secretly love Winter :) so lovely to hear from you! Hope you’re well xxx

  • Martine

    I hate sun. So i am extremely grateful that the burning orb is going to give us all a little peace. More time where I don’t need to shield my eyes and slather sunscreen on myself. Yay. I love the simple Birkenstocks. Very nice.

    • Hahahhah this is the funniest comment I’ve read in a long time Martine! xxxxx