Finding Your Soul Dresser







In my quarter century on this earth (shout out for those who kept me alive this far) I’ve faced many struggles. Including missing a Biology A Level exam, finding out I can’t drink milk – BUT WHAT ABOUT CEREAL??? :((( and working out how the Circle Line operates.

But no struggle so great as locating my soul dresser.

By this I don’t mean the part of me that dresses like James Brown, but the me that dresses in alignment with my personality and not jumping on to every trend bandwagon that comes along – although I certainly have done my fair share of that (note. butterfly hair clips circa 1998).

And the latest people in my life I need to thank are Frances and Lisa, for their wonderful brand We Are Uncivilised (which yes I bang on about a TON but they feed me pastries and share their lovely clothes with me, so what cha gonna do?) and their no nonsense, effortless approach to dressing.

With a nod to the trends, think 70’s denim button-down skirt and ringer t-shirts, they have produced a SS16 collection that is current but will undoubtedly stand the test of time. What more could a girl ask for?

Last time I saw them I also ordered myself some pieces from their AW15 collection, but with the haze of time (and mainly the fact I prematurely got drunk on Prosecco) I had mislaid my memories about what I ordered. But I just found out that past me had ordered a raw denim shirt and black denim mom jeans. Future me is grateful for my thoughtfulness.

Another life obstacle successfully navigated.

We Are Uncivilised

  • The denim! The grey stuff! Love it. Your past self was very wise, can’t wait to see them in an outfit post :))) x

    Josie’s Journal

    • Awww thank you Josie -I know the Prosecco gave me so much wisdom!!! xxxxxx

  • weareuncivilised

    Thanks lovely ladies xx

    • My pleasure xx

      • p.s. Hope you love the picture of you as much as I do!! xxxx

  • So quirky and niche! Love the simplicity of it all xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • How are you? Haven’t seen you around in a while!!xxx

      • super duper busy at work, plus i feel so distant from blogging/social media lately! sob xxx

      • Awww no that’s not nice to hear. I’ve had a bit of a rubbish day myself today – nothing in particular just a ‘meh’ day you know?? So I completely sympathise. Hope you get your blogging mojo back soon xxx