Getting My Shit Together





Do you ever have one of those periods where you have so many things flying around in your brain looking to occupy your attention that it actually stops you from focusing on any single one? That has been my last few weeks.

Because I’m at a stage in my life where all of my work/jobs/blog require me to be constantly looking for the next best opportunity, making the most of every day and being as productive as possible (not that everyone doesn’t but you know, bear with me) – when you want to get shit done you can’t be resting on ya’ laurels you know. And being in this mindset has made me acutely aware of other people doing the same.

But more than that it has made me realise how ‘being busy’ or being seen to be busy automatically equals being successful in our society.

Just think about all those people on Instagram and Twitter always moaning about how full their inbox is/how busy and important their lives are/how they are only in the country for 20 minutes because their jet setting lifestyle is just so damn hard and they had to eat a bagel on the tube this morning because they couldn’t possibly fit it in between their 4.00am barre class and freelancing for Vogue Italia. You know the score.

So I’m sorry for being one of them recently and in honour of having a calmer mind and more productive days, here is a throwback to July hanging out in a cactus greenhouse, when the busiest thing I had going on that day was when we ordered the Lebanese mezze platter for lunch and I had to juggle 6 different dishes of hummus and falafel. OH LIFE.

Top (similar here and here) – ASOS

Skirt (Now On Sale!) – Topshop

Sandals – Birkenstock

Bag – YSL via FarFetch

  • Belle

    Yay for Cacti, yay for falafel, yay for button-down minis, yay for Saint Laurent and yay for being so freakin’ productive that you have absolutely no emails at all to deal with :)

    • YESSSSS TO ALL OF THESE THINGS. Hope your Monday was lovely my dear. Also may I just say how much I FREAKIN’ ADORE YOUR DIARY OF A FASHION BLOGGER. All the LOLs and feels. xxxxxxxxx

  • Love this. I read somewhere once that everyone is busy. And the people who talk about how busy they are are the ones who suck at time management. So it’s totally OK to be completely overwhelmed all the time, but the ones who are ALWAYS overwhelmed are terrible at planning.
    Also, I wish I looked this cute when I was overwhelmed. :) I love the outfit!

    Randi with an i

    • No way Randi!! I had never heard that!! Good to know :) I think I just don’t like when people brag about being busy as if that is a success in itself.
      Awww thanks for leaving such a lovely comment xxx

  • If those ones on twitter were that busy would they have time to moan about it on twitter 24/7? I think not 😉 I hope all the things that are in your brain are fun things though! And you look super cool as always, I love the sunnies/earrings combo x

    Josie’s Journal

    • You speak the truth!! I just don’t like people who value business as a success in itself you know? Awww thank you lovely xxxxxx

  • I love cacti and succulents. Your outfit is also very cool! We all have 24 hours in a day, whether or not we spend it wisely is the difference. I try not to complain much, but I know those that you are talking about. Getting things done always makes me feel better, and even my schedule being quite hectic I manage to get a lot done. <3 /Madison
    The Travel Deluxe

    • Yes exactly Madison! I don’t have a problem with people being busy, it’s more about the people who use it to martyr themselves and make other people feel bad about not running from one airport to the next. Thanks for leaving a lovely comment! Sophie xxxx

  • My mind is a whirlwind of thoughts about 92% of the time, so I definitely empathize. It’s tough to shelf thoughts sometimes, but it’s necessary to get shit done. Easier said than done, I know.. but it’s totally possible! :)

    • Awww I’m so glad to hear that other people can sympathise Audrey! You are so right though. I find the busier my head, the harder it is to achieve anything at all even though it is most crucial at those times!xxxx