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Whistles Clogs

One of the things you should know about me is that I am a complete heel-phobe. Obviously when I was 16 and went to Wetherspoons on a Friday I wore heels as much as the next gal. But now my feet have become elderly and accustomed to the luxury that trainers afford, it’s hard to go back. But as soon as I saw these clogs I fell in love – Whistles is without a doubt one of the shops I missed most whilst I lived in America. These are the perfect height/colour/shoe. Treat yo’ self and buy some whilst summer lasts.

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Greek Slippers

These slippers were a little souvenir from our trip to Crete back in June. It hasn’t really been cold enough to wear them yet – they are lined with the softest sheep wool – but July seems to be seeing to that (babes you really need to stop raining). But every time I look at them they remind me of beautiful blue seas, sandy beaches and eating a whole packet of feta daily.

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We Are Uncivilised Launch Party

I bet by this point you are all so sick and tired of me talking about We Are Uncivilised, but hey, I’ll give it one last shot. Last Thursday was the launch party for the brand and it was SO nice to catch up with everyone – especially little furry Indiana (pictured above). The Prosecco was flowing and I may have got a little carried away and placed several orders (ahem…) A nice little surprise present to my future self. In case you would love a piece of the action yourself, make sure to use the code ‘FAVE10‘ at the checkout for a lovely 10% off your purchases.

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A New Make-Up Routine

Towards the end of my time in America I had really given up on my make-up routine (if you saw my post from my trip to Vancouver you might remember this particular period in my life) because I had become bored and fed-up of my products and routine. I just couldn’t be bothered.

But after a tutorial from my little sister (ahem…), some product recommendation from the wonderful Hannah Gale and a trip to the Vancouver airport Duty Free, I have managed to rekindle my love with my make-up routine, in particular these two products.

Naked Palette and Dior Star

P.S I know I’m really late to the party on these but whatever, I’m no beauty blogger, so I think we can cut a girl some slack?

  • Eve MacDonald

    I’m in love with those Whistles shoes!

    Eve xo | http://anorganisedscatterbrain.blogspot.com/

    • Thanks so much Eve! So am I :) xxxx

  • I love those Clogs, used to have some similar and wore them non stop. Haha Greek slippers are so warm I love them.

    Lyndsey | http://www.labeau.co.uk

    • They are my favourite!! Thanks so much for coming to read Lyndsey xxx

  • those shoes, wow! the pom pom slippers are too cute as well

    • Awww thanks – they are my favourite Kylie :) xxx

  • Please can you send me those Whistles shoes along with the white chocolate caramel shortbreads you just tweeted about. I need them both please!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog


  • I absolutely love those Whistles clogs, they look so comfy as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • Thank you so much Alice – they are my new favourites too! I haven’t quite attempted a whole day at work in them yet but they are definitely comfy enough for a Saturday :) xxx

  • Those shoes are perfect!! I love the photos from the launch party, too – the succulents are adorable :)


    • Aww thanks Emily!! It was such a nice evening! And yes they used the succulents as little party favours at the end so I got to take one home in a goody bag!xx

  • OK slightly odd question but where did you get that white tray? its beautiful! i need one!


    • I’m not sure – I think it was just a little independent interiors company!! Sorry I can’t be of more help :) xxx

  • those clogs are super cute! i can only wear wedges too and even that’s a struggle. sandals/converses for life please and thank you. i need a Naked palette in my life, am i missing out or what. xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks


  • Flo

    Oooooh I want the clogs I want the clogs I want the clogs!! They are AWESOME! :) Also terrible with heels so hopefully these will be a comfortable option?
    Flo x

    • Hahahah treat yo’ self girl!! They are comfortable for sure, but I’m still always terrified of falling flat on my face… xxx