We Are Uncivilised Part II






Sorry for the mega smug face in the first photo – I mean what is that about…? 

It is PROBABLY because I’m super pleased about how We Are Uncivilised launches tomorrow!

If you saw my post last week, you’ll already be fully up to speed about how excited I am about this new collection.  Made up of effortless basics (my middle name) and all at affordable price points (and I mean affordable on a London salary, not affordable in the way Vogue says a £300 dress is affordable).

This silk dress is the kind of thing you would imagine would cling in all the wrong places, but it just doesn’t – it makes you feel like you’ve got a FHM worthy body – screw Zoella, why am I not in the Top 100 sexy women?

And the jumper is one of those things I always classify under ‘sensible purchases’ because it isn’t culottes with sparkly tassles hanging off the front, but then you wear it every single week and feel stupid for every doubting it’s worthiness of being in your wardrobe.

As anyone whose ever read a fashion-related article will know, investing in beautiful basics is the path to all time happiness. So here I am, being the best gal pal, and giving you a brilliant head start.

Congratulations again to the wonderful Frances and Lisa, I’m so excited to see where 2016 takes you both!

*Jumper – We Are Uncivilised

*Silk Dress –  We Are Uncivilised

  • Oh wow, these pieces both in this post & your previous post are gorgeous! I love how simple everything is. The preview pictures have me hooked! I can’t wait to see the launch!

    • Thanks so much Emily!!! I’m so so pleased you like them – can’t wait to share the launch photos too! Thanks for reading and leaving a lovely comment xxxx

  • Gorgeous items! Look forward to seeing more x


    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment!! I actually just saw a preview of their Spring/Summer 2016 and it was so beautiful!! So exciting xxx

  • The silk dress sounds amazing, why is it you can never find one that doesn’t cling, looks like we have now :)


    • Yes Lyndsey we have finally found the one!! Thanks for reading as always xx

  • I hope we get to meet at the launch tonight, xx


    • It was SO lovely to meet you tonight Vikki – sorry I didn’t get to see you leave. Hope you had a great night! And see you soon xxx

      • You too Sophie! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your evening. Let’s get together next time you’re in town xx

      • Definitely! That sounds great :) xx

  • Love that silk dress on you! the colour is so pretty and i like that you wore it with the jumper…keep it casual x

    • Thank you so much Lola! Hope you’re good lovely xxxx

  • This outfit is PERFECT, you look gorgeous. I’m all about perfect basics so I’ll definitely be looking out for this brand x

    Josie’s Journal

    • Awww Josie you’re so lovely!! Hope you’re well xxxx AND DEFINITELY do look out for it!!

  • Both these pieces look gorgeous on you! Bookmarking the website so when the online shop launches I can nab myself a few pieces xx

    Love and Marmalade

    • Definitely Marielle they are such reasonable prices too – it’s very exciting :) thanks so much for leaving a lovely comment! xx

  • Ooooh like it! I’m def coming back when the shop opens to check it out!

    Aisling | aisybee.

    • Thanks so much Aisling!!!! And I hope you find some pieces you love xxx