Copenhagen Eats



Laundromat Cafe, Gammel Kongevej 96, Frederiksberg

The photographs definitely do these blueberry pancakes so much more justice than I could with words (adjectives for food just don’t come that naturally to me….tasty, delicious…bore you to death). And they were covered in butter AND maple syrup – hit all your food groups (sugar and fat) in one instance. YES. Don’t get that beach body for nothing.






Cafe Norden, Østergade 61, 1100 

The wonderful Camilla Ackley from Into The Fold (which by the way you should definitely be reading the new ITF magazine – some of my writing is on there too!) recommended Cafe Norden to us and we were not disappointed. I had the famous Danish open-sandwiches Smorrebrod and they were SO much nicer than I imagined. DO IT.





Granola, Værnedamsvej 5, 1819 Frederiksberg

Granola was directly opposite our Air BnB apartment so we were very lucky in finding one of the best breakfast locations so close to our beds. We both opted for the pastries and porridge with apples, cinnamon and lots of brown sugar (I’m not sure if the sugar makes the healthiness of porridge irrelevant…?)



Da Salvo, Gammel Kongevej 41, 1610

Do you ever have those evenings where you just want to take off all your make up, lie on the sofa listening to Taylor Swift and watching the Inbetweeners? Well we had exactly that, but with no emergency fridge stash, had to find food nearby. Out in our pyjamas we discovered Da Salvo and it was PERFECT. Such a find.



Copenhagen Street Food, PapirØen, Trangravsvej 14, 7/8, 1436

Now don’t get me wrong, this market is fantastic. HOWEVER we had some serious trouble getting there. Long story short – it is on the other side of the river by the popular tourist destination. So you can see it, you just can’t get to it (they are in the process of building a bridge but not quite soon enough for us). So instead of getting on the wrong boat, and ending up 10 miles down river (ahem) just ask someone. Preferably someone who looks kindly on English speaking fools.



Rist Kaffeebar, Værnedamsvej 4B, 1619 

On our last day in Copenhagen it gave us a good old English weather forecast, drizzly rain all day. So we wiled away some of the hours in this lovely coffee shop. Tiny in proportion but with perfect interiors (those Danes are so much stylish than their Swedish IKEA friends) and with lots of lovely teas to choose from.

  • THOSE PANCAKES. Those pancakes. Oh wow. The open sandwiches also look fantastic!!! Copenhagen is high on my list of places to visit at the moment. xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • THEY WERE amazing. You should definitely go – and if you need any tips on where to stay then give me a bell lovely! xxxx

  • GAH all the foods. Those pancakes look divine. I love mine laden with nutella, you can’t beat that, nuh uh *snaps fingers*. Those open sandwiches look incredible too. xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • You absolutely cannot beat Nutella pancakes – my all time fave xxx

  • To say this looks amazing is a understatement…I would totally jump on a plane for those pancakes. They have stolen my heart!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • Annabel thank you so much for your lovely comment!! I hope if you ever get to Copenhagen you get to sample the pancakes :) Xxx

  • Oh my gosh, everything looks so good! I’m completely biased in the fact that I think all food in Europe is better than what we have in the US. Just out of curiosity – do you ever get any weird looks or stares whipping out your camera at the table? I always feel self conscious, so I only have crummy iPhone shots.

    Angelina Is

    • I lived in the US for 18 months and I have to say that you do have some fairly amazing food there too!! But perhaps there is more variety in a smaller area in Europe? :) And about the camera – sometimes people look, but only ever for a second – to be honest I decided a long time ago to just get on with it and not let myself get embarrassed because I always love the photographs in the end :) if you feel really self conscious my top tip is to pretend you are taking a photograph of whoever is opposite you at the table and people never stare then :) xxxxx

  • Michèle

    oh gosh, these photos make me so hungry. :-O

    • ME TOO!! I was drooling when I was editing them :) thanks for reading! xxx

  • *bookedmarked* I have a feeling I’ll be visiting a lot of these later this year. They all look so freaking good.

    • Awww thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoyed enough to bookmark! What a privilege :) they were amazing – I thoroughly recommend xxx

  • Valerie

    Oh my! These pancakes look so lush <3 xx

    • THANKS!! They were delicious :)xxx

  • Wow the food looks amazing, I really want to visit sometime soon and cant wait now.


    • Yes Lyndsey you completely should visit!!!!xxx