Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner




Nobody puts baby in the corner – except when baby runs out of time to shoot a post they were meant to shoot 4 days ago (ahem…) and has to utilise strategic corners of their parent’s garden to do so – who said my life wasn’t glamorous?

Also I hope – like I – that this phrase makes you think of Fall Out Boy rather than Dirty Dancing – I have actually never seen Dirty Dancing (I know, I lose my status as a female regardless of vagina etc. for such an admission).

So if anyone would like to come round for a sleepover, so you may share the wonder that is allegedly Dirty Dancing, you are more than welcome. You bring the film, I’ll bring the midnight feast.

Blazer – Iris & Ink (The Outnet)

Leather Shorts – Topshop

Shoes – Limited Edition Nike Air Max Thea 


  • Belle

    I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing either (well, I tried to watch it but found it so shit I had to stop).

    I like this corner though!!!! And that blazer is an amazing shape…..and OMG….those sneaks!!

    • Oh Belle I think we are related by soul – I knew I was right to have my suspicions about a film that calls a character ‘baby’.
      THANK YOUUUU. Happy Friday my love! xx

  • No sorry it made me think of dirty dancing as it is my fav, even got my bf into loving it haha. Those shorts are amazing wish I could pull them off.
    Lyndsey |

    • See I knew lots of people loved it!! I’m so out of the loop on that one :) Thanks so much that’s very kind! Happy Friday Lyndsey! xxx

  • Aisha

    I really like this outfit :)

    • Thank you so much Aisha :) and thanks for leaving a comment – always nice to see new faces! xx

      • Aisha

        You’re welcome :) I love discover new blogs !

        Have a nice weekend xx

      • Thank you, you too!! xxx

  • Christina Langner

    Happens to me all the time that I am supposed to take pictures earlier and then have to get create when it’s a time crunch at the end!

    Love the images thought, turned out so nice!

    Much love xxx


    • Aww thank you so much Christina!! Thanks for leaving a comment – always so nice to see new faces :) Xx

  • Oh my god please invite me to this sleepover because I also haven’t seen said film but I don’t want to write it explicitly here because I am scared I will be struck down so okay lets sort this out together pls asap


    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

    • We are the pariahs of our generation!!!! Outcast by society.
      will send address by carrier pigeon

  • I love the leather shorts so much! I’ve also never seen Dirty Dancing, but I’m a big FOB fan, so think in exactly the same way as you!

    Milly //

    • Awww thank you Milly – they are super comfortable too :) SO glad I’m not the only FOB fan – did you like My Chemical Romance too by any chance…? xx

  • Well aren’t you looking sassy! I love those trainers, want me some. I’ve actually never seen the film either. If I’m honest, I’ve seen very little. No disney, Nickelodeon, MTV you name it. I’ll just stick to reruns of Shark Tale and White Chicks pls and thank you. xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • I’m SO glad other people haven’t seen this either! I was always under the impression that I was some sad lone ranger. But can’t believe you haven’t seen Disney….where were you all those years? xxx

  • I love this look! So Scandinavian street style, and I have major envy for your trainers! x

    Martha Jane |

    • Awww thank you so much Martha that’s very sweet of you :) thanks so much for reading! xxx