We Are Uncivilised Part I






If you have been reading for a while (poor you, but also PLEASE STAY, my heart truely beats for you people) then you might remember one of my earlier rambles about staying true to personal style and my new favourite brand, We Are Uncivilised.

I’ll give you a minute to read that and get up to speed……Okay. So. We all on the same page  now?

So, obviously now you know that the wonderful and lovely Frances and Lisa, are just about to release their first womenswear brand – We Are Uncivilised – to the world, and we could not be more excited about it.

Focusing on relaxed pieces, making every piece effortless to wear (for example, they always make sure bra straps will be hidden, even on their skimpier pieces – what babes), they really know what women want (and no, not in the same way as Mel Gibson).

I was even lucky enough to take some of their new pieces with me to Copenhagen, and when I was wearing them I did not feel even slightly intimidated by the ever-fashionable Scandinavians – high praise indeed.

If you enjoyed this, stay tuned for part II next week and more importantly, be sure to check out We Are Uncivilised and make a mental note to buy everything when it is launched on 23rd July. Cause these ladies deserve to be a huge success.

*Jumper – We Are Uncivilised

*T-shirt –  We Are Uncivilised

  • Loving this laid back look, the knitwear looks super comfy! Not to mention your Chanel jumbo is TDF!!!


    • Hahah thank you so much – glad you like :) thanks for leaving a lovely comment as always! xxx

  • Love the cardi, and the pics, some bike porn ha ha xx

    • hahaha cannot beat some bike porn! xxx

  • weareuncivilised

    You look gorgeous Sophie!! Thanks for the great post. Look forward to catching up next week xxx

    • It was a pleasure working with you ladies! Can’t wait for Thursday xxx

  • This outfit is gorgeous! You look so alike a girl I go to uni with its unreal. You don’t happen to have an almost identical sister called Hannah do you?! Haha.

    Love Hayley,

    Water Painted Dreams

    • Hahaha thank you Hayley – no I don’t unfortunately but I am intrigued by my twin! xxxx

  • Kirsty Baker

    I love this look Sophie, effortless style is what I’m all about. I need to get me some sliders :) xx


    • Thank you so much Kirsty :) and thanks for leaving a lovely comment xxx

  • Love this outfit! That cardigan is divine, I need one! :)

    • Thank you so much Elise – yes they have such beautiful clothes – cannot wait for the launch xxx

  • gorgeous outfit, the jumper looks amazing.


    • Thanks so much Lyndsey! Glad you liked :) xxx

  • Love your jacket, great color and style!

    • Thank you so much Eden – always nice to see your comments pop up on here :) hope you’re good xx

  • That jumper looks suuuuuuper snug! I feel like I’m gonna need one, the weather is ever changing xx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • I KNOW what is this weather?!! They are super affordable prices as well – I love their new range – going to be all over my wardrobe in Autumn! Happy Friday Hannah! xxx

  • Ellie Adams

    Oh you are such an effortlessy chic babe. Tell me your secrets?!?! P.S just seen your wishlist/topshop skirt… clickedy click click 😉


    • YOU ARE SO KIND – honestly thanks so much for always being so supportive – you’re a real gem in this community! xxxx