The Holy Grail






For a minute here, I’m going to need you to pretend that finding the pair of perfect gold hoop earrings is the biggest obstacle I face in life.

Because actual struggles – like how dairy makes my face lose its shit so I have to ration my cheddar intake. Or that time I had to salvage 88 pence worth of coppers to pay to wash my clothes in a public laundrette – we all have to pretend don’t actually exist because literally no one wants to hear about that.

And in this alternate universe, of what we shall refer to as ‘first world problems’, finding the pair of perfect gold hoops is actually god damn hard and thus akin to locating the holy grail. Like Indiana Jones (who funnily enough I wanted to be when I was seven. True story).

So here we have it, the Lucy Williams x Missoma range and the large gold horn hoops. Since receiving them they have taken up permanent residence in my ears. That girl sure knows what we want from jewellery. I fully recommend that you invest in some too.

But I DO NOT recommend wearing them whilst you use the hairdryer – they may or may not lead to huge hand injuries….just a theory…..

Hoops – Lucy Williams x Missoma

  • I don’t have my ears pierced there but if I did, i’d have to wear hoops because they’d make me feel sassy and unbreakable. You look so glowy and amazing in the photos! Please make me photogenic too. xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • AWWWW you are the bomb. Your comments are always so nice. Do you wear clip on earrings?! xx

      • Haha. CUTIE. Oh hell no, I wore them once (when I was little) and the pain was unreal to get them off. Damn Claire’s Accessories. I just have the top of my ear pierced! I really want to get my tragus pierced though x

      • I was gonna say they are SO painful – they cut off the circulation to my ear I swear. I walked past Claire’s in Chelmsford today and thought – does it ever look any different?? I swear it’s always the same. I would love the top of my ear too!! x

      • Whaaaaaaat no way! I work on the high street haha that’s crazy. Do you live near by?? But yeah, I never see anyone go in there anymore. Do it do it do it xx

      • Which shop do you work in? xxx

      • M Local! Hehe xxx

  • Those hoops are so cool, and they look awesome one you. Also, I love your cactus!!! Aren’t they the best plants everrrr?

    • Thank you so much Kate! yes they are very photogenic plants :) xxx

  • Good find, Sophie! I love its simplicity and unique design. Thanks for sharing! xxx

    • Thank you Christine! Glad you like :)xxx

  • I love those earrings !

    x o

    • Thank you so much :) they are lovely! xxx

  • Helen L

    I hope this is the hoop of your dreams but you know…it’s perfect until a better one gets along. I’m into the hammered version these days…not men, but hoops :)

    ♥ Mlle Wanderlust ♥

    • I completely agree! Always something better comes along 😉 xxx

  • Kate

    These are gorgeous! They look so sophisticated and I love that they’re a little bit different. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • Thank you so much Kate! So glad you like them :) thanks for leaving a lovely comment too xxx

  • Elizabeth O

    Honestly, i understand the ‘difficult-not-difficult’ search for gold hoop earrings! Ever since i saw 10 things i hate about you i’ve been dying for a pair of these and these are beautiful. Definitely purchasing! x

    • Hahahah yes exactly! Can’t beat the gold hoop :) hope you love them as much as I do! xx

  • I understand this struggle! These are really lovely <3

    Sophie |

    • Thanks so much Sophie :) xxxx