Slovenia Eats






Bazilika Bistro, Prešernova cesta 15, 1000 Ljubljana

Slovenian food is great. But in small measures. I need some variety during a week long holiday and Bazilika does amazing salads, quiches, sandwiches and is super Instagram worthy (obviously always a priority). Get the Iced Tea with fruit and mint. Also sorry about the make-up less face.






Lebaneze Meze, Trubarjeva ulica 45, Ljubljana

Ditto what was said above – Slovenian food is good, but not for 3 meals a day. This was a wonderful slice of Middle Eastern heaven. Not expensive but full of amazing choices. This was probably my favourite meal of the whole trip. Also you get complimentary cardamon coffee to start which was a great pick-me-up after a LONG walk.






Friday Market, Ljubljana

This was super busy, but well worth the chaos. I went for the Hood Burger stand (there is a brick and mortar version but a little way out of town), Slovenia’s answer to Shake Shack.

The market is right in the centre of town, all the locals were gearing up for the weekend and this is the perfect place to start. Lots of pigeons though, if that ain’t your thing…




Paninoteka, Jurčičev trg 3, 1000 Ljubljana

Not hugely original, but the classics were all available and with a riverside seat and amazing view of the castle, it was a good place to rest weary trotters. Also go for the Snicker’s chocolate, peanut and caramel pancake – but perhaps go easy on your main beforehand…words of advice from experience.

  • How fabulous does all that food look! It is definitely something I need to do a bit more research into. The big table of salads, cured meats etc looks incredible. Also the cardamon coffee – that will have to go on my must try list :)
    Also – your makeupless face is lovely.
    Laura |

    • Hahaha awe thank you Laura that is really kind – glad it didn’t scare you too much ;)xxx

  • Great photos, I love your photography style. Everything looks delicious, especially those crepes! :)

    • Thank you so much Eden that is so lovely of you to say! Xxx

  • My gawwwwwwwd, you find the most amazing food places around the world! Can we do like a European food tour or something. Mmmmm. xxx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • Hahahah aww thanks that’s so cute, and definitely we can do a food tour! Let’s start with making sure they put a wagamama in Chelmsford! Xxx

  • This post just made my stomach growl! LOL

    • Hahahah thank you Audrey! Shame I can’t post you some of it :) xxx