This is a group apology. I always used to be that person who hated the beach. I know, do those people even exist…? Well yes they do – basically because the salt water doesn’t make me feel beach babe, more like a little hairy dog that got caught out in the rain.

And then factor in sun burn and sand grains in the sandwiches (who takes sandwiches to the beach these days?!) and sand MIXED with the suncream then all of a sudden I’m giving myself an exfoliating scrub on a public beach…Just No. So I preferred swimming pools – Real Housewives of New York stuff.

ANYWAY all that has now changed, and I’m fully back on the beach wagon courtesy of some of the best beaches you’ve ever laid eyes on. Thanks Crete, I think you’re my soulmate.

Sandals – Ancient Greek Sandals

  • That analogy made me laugh out loud; “like a little hairy dog that got caught out in the rain.” Hahaha, I loved this post! I was never a huge fan of beaches too, for the reasons you’ve already mentioned above, but an evening out with the loved one watching the sunset at the country’s most luxurious beach and I’m sold again. Haha. These photos are gorgeous!

    May x • THE MAYDEN

    • Hahah thank you May I think you know the feeling I mean!! Yes I think being with the right people at the beach certainly changes everything :) xxx

  • Glad you changed your mind! Coming from Australia I’m a total beach baby

    Krissie x –

    • Hahah thanks Krissie :) xxx

  • Hannah Cornish

    Beautiful photographs as per! I moan everytime I’m on the beach when sand is blown into my mouth but, I’d very much like to visit this one in Crete. Little up market from Southend I’m thinking x

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • We should do a Southend rendezvous!! I’m back in the UK now!! Hope you’re doing either blogger conference or blogger market on 22nd August – if not, get involved!! Xxxx

      • Ummmmmm HELL YAH. Sugary doughnuts. Carnival rides. Crazy golf. I’m sold! Oh I’m not going to either, sob! Not heard of the blogger market though, what’s that? xxx

      • Oh no that’s really sad – you’ll be missed!! Blogged market is with Liv Purvis and a few other bloggers hosting a clothing and bake sale – they did one before in Camden and it looked fantastic but I was in America at the time. Can you not make it? Xx

  • Ha ha I totally get you, I love the idea of the beach but then it’s sand, sand and more sand everywhere (my boyfriend put on shorts the other day and literally poured sand from the pocket!). Gorgeous photos x

    • My bikini always acts as a hammock for sand- when I take it off it goes everywhere!! xxx